We have loved being able to offer the CHAARG Leadership Retreat with representatives from every single one of our Chapters for the past 6 years [!]. For years, this retreat was an in-person experience, but as CHAARG has grown, we’ve had to shift how we coordinate these experiences + the expectations around them. 

2 years ago, we had to take the typical *in-person* retreat + make it virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to triple our retreat in size + make it accessible for ALL exec team leaders [no more size limitations!]. After that retreat, we realized that this experience is just as special, unique, + amazing virtually as it was in person… + we are so happy that we’re able to offer it to all of our exec leaders — for free

We can’t wait to see you on July 17 for the #CHAARGLeadershipRetreat2022!

 *Please read terms + conditions before registering!

Check out our retreat schedule 👇

Attendance Requirements

+ If you sign up + get a goodie bag but have to miss any of the retreat [emergencies excluded] then you will be fined for the value of your goodie bag [$300]

+ You will be fined $100 if you RSVP, but miss part or all of the retreat

+ If you cannot attend for the entirety of the retreat, please do not RSVP to attend the retreat

+ Every Chapter must have at least 2 representatives at the CHAARG Leadership Retreat

Check Out What Last Year’s Retreat Looked Like: