Applications for the 2019 Summer Leadership Retreat are now open, + we’d love to have you apply! The Retreat will be in Henryville, IN from June 14-16. Each Chapter receives one sponsored spot from National CHAARG at the retreat. All other Executive team leaders have the opportunity to attend the Retreat + pay for their spot [find payment information at the bottom of the page]. 

Sponsored spots for each Chapter are determined on an application basis, so make sure you apply!

Applications are due on April 5th at Noon. Below are a few things you can look forward to from the Retreat!

  • Check-in at 4PM on Friday, June 14th
  • Check-out at 12PM on Sunday, June 16th
  • Located in Henryville, Indiana at the Wooded Glen Retreat Center

Activities you’ll participate in during the retreat include…

  • Leadership Skill Building – taking your leadership skills within CHAARG [+ life!] to the next level! 
  • Team Building Activities
  • Great Workouts 
  • Discussion + Networking With CHAARG Leaders Across The Country
  • Healthy Meals [All Meals + Snacks Included]
  • CHAARG Swag Bag
  • Making new friends ; ) 

Our yearly Leadership Retreat is one you won’t want to miss!


A glimpse of our 2018 retreat…

Check out these testimonials from some of our 2018 Summer Leadership Retreat attendees!

Hayley Williams, University of Georgia Ambassador


I was so nervous to go to the leadership retreat at first – I didn’t know a single soul who would be there. I am so glad I went!! It’s so tough to get a true sense of the National component of this organization from the lens of your own campus life, but that’s literally one of the best parts + the leadership retreat really gives you a glimpse into the magnitude of this movement across the country. The leadership retreat really set me on fire for CHAARG + the memories ++ friendships I made there really got me through the tough times that will inevitably come. I truly believe I was a better leader this year for my Chapter because of everything I learned!

Taylor Beane, University of Massachusetts Ambassador


The first time I went to the CHAARG Leadership Retreat was the first time I realized that CHAARG is not just a fitness organization…it is a life changing one. The Leadership Retreat totally enhanced my view of CHAARG + I fell in love that weekend. I fell in love with the empowerment ++ support of other Ambassadors, the story telling with s’mores at night with girls that I just met but felt like I had known for years ,+ the crafting of mini wooden bolts. Mostly, I re-fall in love with CHAARG after every Leadership Retreat. The Leadership Retreat gives you this CHAARG high where you feel like you can truly make a change in your Chapter, in other CHAARG girl’s lives ++ in your own.

Alyssa Kleine-Kracht, UC VP Membership


I went into the leadership retreat with a completely open mind + left with such a happy ++ gracious heart. The experience not only strengthened my leadership skills, but also provided me with memories I will never forget + friendships I will cherish forever!

AJ Viaene, Kent State University VP Media


Attending the CHAARG leadership retreat is such a beautiful experience – the magic of CHAARG is clearly evident from the moment you arrive. It is so special to grow with the leaders from around the nation [through chatting, team-building, + of course…workouts (; ]. This weekend will prove that you are truly never alone when it comes to the CHAARG community. <3


You’ll be notified on April 8th if you’ve received the Sponsored spot for your Chapter representation at the Retreat. If you do not receive the sponsored spot, you’ll be eligible to come to the Retreat + pay for your attendance!

Payment Details

— $500 for the weekend [includes all meals for the weekend, lodging, + participating in all activities. Does not include travel costs].
— There will be a payment plan of 3 payments of $166.67. The first payment will be due May 1st, the second payment due May 15th, and the third payment will be due June 1st.

Questions? Reach out to Tori@chaarg.com!