Applications for the 2019 Summer Leadership Retreat are now open, + we’d love to have you apply! The Retreat will be in Chicago, IL from June 14-16. Each Chapter receives one sponsored spot from National CHAARG at the retreat. All other Executive team leaders have the opportunity to attend the Retreat + pay for their spot [find payment information at the bottom of the page]. 

Sponsored spots for each Chapter are determined on an application basis, so make sure you apply!

Applications are due on April 15th at Noon. Below are a few things you can look forward to from the Retreat!

  • Check-in at 4PM on Friday, June 14th
  • Check-out at 12PM on Sunday, June 16th
  • Located in Chicago, IL

Activities you’ll participate in during the retreat include…

  • Leadership Skill Building – taking your leadership skills within CHAARG [+ life!] to the next level! 
  • Team Building Activities
  • Great Workouts 
  • Discussion + Networking With CHAARG Leaders Across The Country
  • Healthy Meals [All Meals + Snacks Included]
  • CHAARG Swag Bag
  • Making new friends ; ) 

Our yearly Leadership Retreat is one you won’t want to miss!


A glimpse of our 2018 retreat…

Check out these testimonials from some of our 2018 Summer Leadership Retreat attendees!

Hayley Williams, University of Georgia Ambassador


I was so nervous to go to the leadership retreat at first – I didn’t know a single soul who would be there. I am so glad I went!! It’s so tough to get a true sense of the National component of this organization from the lens of your own campus life, but that’s literally one of the best parts + the leadership retreat really gives you a glimpse into the magnitude of this movement across the country. The leadership retreat really set me on fire for CHAARG + the memories ++ friendships I made there really got me through the tough times that will inevitably come. I truly believe I was a better leader this year for my Chapter because of everything I learned!

Taylor Beane, University of Massachusetts Ambassador


The first time I went to the CHAARG Leadership Retreat was the first time I realized that CHAARG is not just a fitness organization…it is a life changing one. The Leadership Retreat totally enhanced my view of CHAARG + I fell in love that weekend. I fell in love with the empowerment ++ support of other Ambassadors, the story telling with s’mores at night with girls that I just met but felt like I had known for years ,+ the crafting of mini wooden bolts. Mostly, I re-fall in love with CHAARG after every Leadership Retreat. The Leadership Retreat gives you this CHAARG high where you feel like you can truly make a change in your Chapter, in other CHAARG girl’s lives ++ in your own.

Alyssa Kleine-Kracht, UC VP Membership


I went into the leadership retreat with a completely open mind + left with such a happy ++ gracious heart. The experience not only strengthened my leadership skills, but also provided me with memories I will never forget + friendships I will cherish forever!

AJ Viaene, Kent State University VP Media


Attending the CHAARG leadership retreat is such a beautiful experience – the magic of CHAARG is clearly evident from the moment you arrive. It is so special to grow with the leaders from around the nation [through chatting, team-building, + of course…workouts (; ]. This weekend will prove that you are truly never alone when it comes to the CHAARG community. <3


You’ll be notified on April 16-17th if you’ve received the Sponsored spot for your Chapter representation at the Retreat. If you do not receive the sponsored spot, you’ll be eligible to come to the Retreat + pay for your attendance!

Payment Details

— $500 for the weekend [includes all meals for the weekend, lodging, + participating in all activities. Does not include travel costs].
— There will be a payment plan of 3 payments of $166.67. The first payment will be due May 1st, the second payment due May 15th, and the third payment will be due June 1st.

Questions? Reach out to Tori@chaarg.com!