Our Top 8 Favorite Books On Leadership

Sometimes a good book [or audiobook] is the best way you can digest + learn some valuable skills on leadership or coaching. So, we put our heads together + came up with our Top 8 Leadership Books for you to check out! : )

#1] Leadership + Self Deception: The Arbinger Institute. This book dives into self-deception. We all have a biased view of problems + are blind to our roles in them, this book helps us see our own self-deception as well as areas in outside our professional life where we are deceiving ourselves.

#2] Figure That Shift Out: Chris McAllister. Figure That Shift Out helps you figure out what is blocking you from unleashing your full potential + grow in so many areas of your life [other than just professionally!]. Stop stressing about the leader you could be + relax into your brilliance  through Chris’ book, Figure That Shift Out!

#3] The Leadership Playbook: Nathan Jamail. Sometimes as a leader you feel like your managing people — other times, you feel like you are coaching people to reach their highest potential. I think we all agree that coaching people to reach their greatest potential is a lot more exciting! In this book you can learn how to build an effective team + be an effective coach for your team.

#4] Lean In: Sheryl Sandberg. A must read for any #GIRLBOSS. “Thirty years after women became 50 percent of the college graduates in the United States, men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government and industry. This means that women’s voices are still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives.” In Lean In, Sandberg offers common sense solutions to how women can achieve their full potential.

#5] Motivating The Middle: TJ Sullivan. This was our book that the Leadership Retreat was centered around last year! As leaders of a student organization on campus, you are going to interact with a variety of members — some that are super passionate about the org + others that are more apathetic. Learning how to motivate those middle members is a part of building a community that will thrive on your college campus!

#6] Start With WhySimon Sinek. You might have heard of Simon Sinek from his popular Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. In his book, Start With Why, Sinek explores the qualities of leaders who have had great influence on the world + discovers that they all think, act, + communicate in a way opposite of what you would think.

#7] The 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team: Patrick Lencioni. Working on teams is something that you’ll be a part of for the rest of your life — yet there are common *dysfunctions* that happen in all teams. This book reveals the five dysfunctions that cause even the best teams to struggle as well as actionable steps to overcome the challenges teams face!

#8] The Coaching Habit: Michael Bungay Stainer. It takes a lot of time to coach someone on your team + help them grow into the best that they can be… right? In this book, Stainer shares how you can make coaching a habit + do it in ten minutes or less. This book identifies the six questions you can ask to start coaching people into their greatness.  

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