A Kind Act A Day Keeps The Hate At Bay

I was debating whether or not to write about kindness. It’s just so ~mainstream~, ya know? Everyone already knows how to be kind. But — then I realized, just because we know how to be kind, doesn’t mean we actively practice it. There’s always room for more kindness — within you + through you.

I absolutely loved Sarah’s instagram post from last week:

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is this idea that our feelings// emotional state does not need to guide our actions. Being kind is an action — it’s not a feeling… you don’t typically “feel kindness” until after some sort of action done for another or even for yourself. It’s so easy to allow our feelings to dictate our actions. It’s easy to be kind to others when we feel happy. It’s easy to be mean to others when we feel angry or hurt. It’s easy to say “I love you” to someone when they’ve just done something nice for you. I want to focus on kindness every day + in every season — whether I am happy, sad, frustrated, hurt, peaceful, excited — I always want to be kind. Our actions define us — who we are in this moment + how we will be remembered. “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle + the light of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness [Kindness!] never decreases from being shared.” — Buddha

^ I encourage you guys to re-read this a few times. Let the words soak into your heart.

Funny enough, before reading this post, Isaac + I started our own little “Kind Project” while it Vietnam [Sarah — we always have the #samebrainz… I love it]. For those of you who have been to Vietnam… OH MY GAWD… the freaking motorbikes. I truly thought I might die. I don’t think there are traffic rules in Vietnam… ++ if there are, people definitely do not follow them. On top of the “anything goes” attitude while driving [run a red light//drive on either side of the road//go whatever speed you wish//drive on the SIDEWALK], there is constant honking. I would have loved to test my cortisol levels before + after driving. We ended up renting a motorbike because it was truly more dangerous being a pedestrian. This vicious [+ what we interpretted as selfish] driving inspired our Kind Project for the rest of the trip. Random things we did…

  • Treated our tour guide to an herbal bath
  • Helped a man whose motorbike was stuck in mud [okay, this was only Isaac aha]
  • “Split” an uber with a couple, but actually paid for the whole thing
  • Offered to help this restaurant whose “free drinks” advertising was realllllly bad
  • Shared Tiger Balm with a guy who had an injured leg
  • Gave a genuine compliment to a stranger
  • Sent a “Hey, I’m thinking about you” text

It was surprisingly challenging to think of kind acts that didn’t involve money. While giving money//gifts is absolutely incredible, it’s a good creative [+ practical… because it’s not realistic to always be giving money//gifts] exercise to be kind in other ways throughout your day. Additionally, it’s a good way to get outside your comfort zone! Making eye contact, smiling + saying hello to strangers can be awkwaaaaaard… allow this practice to grow you!

I’m home from Vietnam, but I’m keeping this Kind Project a thing indefinitely. I’ve already added a line in my daily journal where I plan on writing my “kind act of the day”. Will you join me?

Rooting for you always,


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