Staying Social: How to Keep Social Media Fun + Friendly

Social media is a double edged sword. Although it is a great tool that we can use to keep in touch with people, we often end up endlessly scrolling + comparing ourselves to other people. Our generation’s love for social media has created the concept of FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. On the surface, this can be seeing people hanging out together without you. However, FOMO is much deeper than this. FOMO is that feeling we get when we see people getting internships, being in serious relationships, or even simply graduating. Although we are happy for them, we also get anxious that our lives are not as productive as theirs. To avoid these feelings + we have some tips for how to use social media in a healthy ++ fun way.


Social media is meant to keep you in touch with people that you know. It has also become a wonderful way to be alerted when our favorite bands are coming to town, important national + international news, when movies are coming out, etc. If someone you follow is not bringing you this joy or knowledge, unfollow them. It is even a good idea to go through your “following” section on all platforms once a month + remove people//companies that are not working for your personal benefit anymore.


Social media is not about numbers! Social media is beautiful because it connects you to friends + family … not random strangers. We are more than the numbers on the top of our profiles — we do not need to let people creep on our personal lives. To avoid random + unknown followers, keep your personal accounts set to private ++ only let those you know follow you!


In the era of “finstas,” it is easy to believe that we can’t be ourselves on our “normal” accounts. We have been made to believe that our social medias can only display our posed + edited selves. Instead, we should post pictures based on happiness, not looks. If the moment captured on camera brought you joy, post it! Share your genuine + raw happiness with people, not a photoshopped version that imitates joy.


Falling into the pit of social media is extremely easy. Falling down the rabbit hole of social media keeps us from performing tasks that need to be completed. Along with the lack of productivity, it can make us envious of others, rather than happy for them. Because of this, you should use social media in small doses. The new iPhone update tracks how much time you spend on social media, + you can make it force you off of the apps after a certain amount of time. Think of the possibilities — everytime you want to check social media, do something else instead. Learn an instrument, start making crafts [maybe even sell them + make some money ; )], listen to podcasts, read, journal, etc. Limit your time on social media + find your passion!


The hardest thing to remember in life is that we all work at our own pace. Find your own methods + pace, ++ be content with your personal progress. Social media can make us forget that we are all on personal tracks, rather than some massive race to the finish line of “success” in life. Live your life in accordance to your own clock, not the clock that other people display on social media. Once you have come to peace with your own clock, you can enjoy the beautiful aspect of social media: watching your friends + family be happy.


If typical social media simply isn’t for you, try making a CHAARG Instagram + using that platform. CHAARG accounts are more honest than normal social media, + provide everyone with hundreds of hype-women. Additionally, try following people that embody the message of CHAARG to help keep you motivated + inspired.

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