I’m Obsessed With Podcasts — You Should Be, Too!

But for real. Whoever invented podcasts is GENIOUS. I first started listening to podcasts when I started working with my #LyfeCoach, Chris McAlister. He runs a coaching company called SightShift — it’s all about unblocking your fears + developing you to be the best leader//human ever. If you decide to start listening to his podcast, make sure to start from the bottom! It’s important to follow the episodes in order. ❤

Once I began training for the marathon, I decided to try out listening to podcasts while I ran. UM, GAMECHANGER. Try it out. You’ll never want to stop running ; ). Here are my favs right now…

Jordan is such an incredible human. I feel like she’s my soul sister. I know that one day we’ll connect [at least I hope ; )]. She’s a blogger originally known as “The Blonde Vegan” — she went through horrible internet bullying when she came out with her book, Breaking Vegan. People are so freaking cruel. She has an immense about of strength though — she rose above the bullying + started her new journey as “The Balanced Blonde,” eventually starting a podcast where she interviews wellness, fitness, spiritual gurus. Truly, there hasn’t been an episode I haven’t found inspiring. // Listen to the podcast here!

This podcast explored the big questions of meaning: What does it mean to be human, + how do we want to live? Krista interviews poets, spiritual leaders, social justice influencers, artists, + philosophers. My favorite podcast from her is ‘The True Hard Work Of Love + Relationships” with Alain de Botton. Single or in a relationship, everyone should listen! // Listen to the podcast here!

The Law of Attraction has been popping up a lot recently in my life. I’m not sure how I found Jess’s podcast, but it showed up recently + I’ve been loving it! Her podcast is on adding intention to your day, ++ she talks a lot about The Law of Attraction [manifesting your desires]. // Listen to the podcast here!

Lewis’s podcast is about dreaming bigger, living better, + making an impact. I love the guests he brings on like Gretchen Rubin, Brene Brown, Chris + Heidi Powell, + Julianna Hough. He also does “Five Minute Fridays” which is a little burst of inspo — although sometimes I think they are a little cliche, but I appreciate what he is trying to do. // Listen to the podcast here!

The 4-Hour Workweek was one of the first books I read when I started CHAARG, ++ I definitley need to read it again. Every week as a team, we read a section from Tools of Titans — which I’m OBSESSED with. Buy this book, seriously. He features all the “greats” from his podcast. ++ I love the book because his podcasts are all LONG [like 2+ hours long], so the book gives you the best bite size info from each one. However, if you have the time to listen to his longer podcasts [like on planes!], it is worth it. While it’s defined as a “business” podcast, I think it’s so much more than that. ++ it has 100 MILLION downloads… so, there’s that. ; ) // Listen to the podcast here!

Dan’s backstory is that he had a panic attack live on Good Morning America, which led him to start meditating. He wrote the book, 10% Happier, ++ then began a podcast where he interviews people about *enlightenment*. // Listen to the podcast here!

This podcast’s mission is to understand the answer to the question: How do I build a life of fierce connection, profound meaning + radiant joy? I like this podcast because it also shares bits of current social science research throughout the episodes. // Listen to the podcast here!

I talked about this in this post, but I love The Daily! I’m sure many of you guys read The Skimm. I’ve been trying to get into it… forever. While I’m still subscribed, I [sadly] delete the emails almost every time because I easily get overwhelmed by my inbox. I want to be more informed with what’s going on in the world without being suffocated by noise. I was recommended the podcast “The Daily” by a few people, ++ so far I really like it! It’s only 20 minutes, + tends to focus on 1–3 pieces of current news. // Listen to the podcast here!

Some of you guys may know @JennaKutcher on instagram — she’s a photographer who keeps it real on social about her body image, biz, #TheIntrovertLyfe, etc. Her podcast is “workshop style,” so she’s always helping you with a certain small-biz challenge. This is great for anyone hoping to start their own passion project! // Listen to the podcast here!

This podcast is fascinating — Guy interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, + idealists about how they built their movements. It taught about the triumphs, failures, serendipity +insight from the founders of the largest brands, like Southwest Airlines, Airbnb [I LOVED this one!], Rent The Runway, Kickstarter, Spanx, TOMS, Whole Foods Market, Kate Spade, ++ so much more! // Listen to the podcast here!

This was a podcast that I used to listen to relgiously, but I’ve fallen off the game as he’s geared his podcasts more towards finance now rather than general startup challenges. He is so quirky though — I love his personality. If you are looking for a good read, I’m a big fan of his book Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live The Dream. // Listen to the podcast here!

I love Seth Godin ❤. He is a wizard of knowledge for life… but particularly for marketing, startups, communities, + using your voice//actions to change the world. I subscribe to his blog for daily emails. This is a live recording in which he guides entrepreneurs through a workshop exploring how they can build + run their dream business. // Listen to the podcast here!

Just in case you missed it above ; ) // Listen to the podcast here!

Below are podcasts that I’ve downloaded ++ will dive into when I get a free minute ; ). #ALLTHEPODCASTS! All of these were recommended to me by great people, so you can expect them to be good! Will share updates when I start listening.

  • Raw Talk With Sheena
  • Let It Out With Katie Dalebout
  • Dear Sugars
  • Girlboss Radio With Sophia Amoruso
  • From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl
  • UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry
  • The Model Health Show: Nutrition, Exercise, Fitness, Health, Lifestyle
  • The Art Of Charm: Social Science, Cognitive Psychology, Confidence

What are your fav podcasts?! Hit me up in the comments below! I’d love to hear!

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