Ignoring Peer Pressure: #TreatYoSelf To A Night In

As each week comes to a close, you may find yourself wondering whether or not you should go out or stay in. While some friends may prefer a night out, after long days full of classes, jobs + internships, you might prefer the latter. You may feel pressure to be out at crazy frat parties with a drink in your hand, or else we’re not getting the full *college experience.* Even if you’re post-grad, you may feel pressure to be out at the bars *networking* over dranks. Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to have a night in. It’s more than okay to throw on your sweats + order a pizza after a working your butt off all week. College isn’t all wild parties + networking doesn’t have to involve late nights out. It’s important to enjoy yourself, but sometimes we simply need a relaxing night in to save our sanity.

Crazy parties + drinking may be fun for some, but if they’re not for you, don’t force yourself into it. Make your college + professional experiences what you want it to be. We’re young + shouldn’t feel guilty for making your own decisions. We understand that FOMO is real, but, so are regrets + hangovers. In the end, you’ll be much happier spending your night doing what you want versus what someone else wants.

If you’re too busy thinking about the things you’ll miss out on, think about the things you’ll gain — no binge drinking means no foggy decision-making, no hangover, ++ no trying to find your way home when you’re alone in the dark. By staying, in you’re gaining precious *me-time* or time with your closest friends, some much needed sleep + the ability to work on the things that matter most to you, like your personal hobbies + passions.

In the end, if you don’t want to go out, don’t. If you want to go out but don’t want to drink, don’t. So many people will tell you that college + your 20s are the best years of your life, but this will only be true if you make it what you want it to be. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of wanting to stay in to study, watch a movie, or catch up on your *zzz’s.*

We understand that it’s hard — it’s hard to not listen to what society is constantly telling us + even harder to not care about what your peers think. In the end, you’ll be much happier choosing what you want to do versus what someone else wants you to do. So throw on your favorite outfit [sweats or heels], do your thang + make your own decisions to be happy.

+ Katie [kk_inchaarg] // Michigan State University


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