Host A Book Club: Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a book I loved reading! As you may know, I’ve been obsessed with Ayurveda recently… after hearing about ayurveda from Cat [listen to our podcast on Ayurveda here!], doing a Panchakarma, + then reading “The Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda” ((+ listening to Sahara Rose’spodcast — The Highest Self Podcast)), I’ve gotten hooked. From oil pulling to dry brushing to tongue scrapping to eating slower… I love it all! Eventually, I want to get my ayurvedic coaching certification : ).

Below are questions//dicussion prompts for The Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda, so that you can either #1] use the prompts for journaling, or #2] grab CHAARG girls in your area + host your own CHAARG Book Club!

Begin — Grab the book, maybe even a cup of tea!? ++ learn more about the author, Sahara Rose — she hosts The Highest Self Podcast!

#1] Ayurveda means “life knowledge” — it means to achieve balance in all aspects of life we must have knowledge of our life. What area of your life do you think you have the most knowledge on? Which area do you have the least? What area are you most curious about right?

#2] In Vedic philosophy darhma is the 10 values every person should have ((see below, + page 12 for more details!)). How are you living out each value in daily life? What does each value mean to you?

  • Wisdom — Study, personal experience, learning from others
  • Truth — True in thought, words + actions
  • Forbearance — Remain calm + composed always
  • Control of senses ((+ learn how to master your emotions))
  • Control of mind — The always restless mind : )
  • Forgiveness — Forgive others, + yourself
  • Nonstealing — Must ask for permission
  • Cleanliness — Body, mind, + home pure
  • Nonanger — Resist anger
  • Knowledge — Always seek knowledge physically + spiritually

#3] Ojas is “life force” — it’s energy! It’s feeling balanced + peaceful. On a scale of 1–10, what do you consider your ojas to be at? What will it take to increase your number by 1–2 points? What would being at a 10 feel like?

#4] What does your morning routine currently look out? Test out either: Dry Brushing, Oil Pulling, or Tongue Scraping for 10 days — how does it make you feel? Is it something you want to implement into your morning routine?

#5] What dosha do you most resonate with? Take the quiz on page 38 ++ see if the characteristics match you : ). Try out one of Sahara’s tools for balancing your doshas.

#6] We all suffer from nutritional disorders. See page 172 for more details. Which of the below do you identify with, + what steps are you going to take to prevent//treat these conditions?

  • Quantitative Dietary Deficiency — not eating the right amount of food
  • Qualitative Dietary Deficienty — not eating enough nutritionally sound food
  • Quantitative + Qualitative Overnutrition — eating too much food
  • Toxins in Food
  • Food Unstable for One’s Doshic Constitution

#7] Koshas are the five layers ((think of an onion, aha)) surrounding your body that sense energy — physical body, energetic body, mental body, intuitive body, + blissful body. How do you connect with each of your bodies?

#8] CHAKRAS — Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, + Crown. Do you feel grounded or imbalanced in each chakra? Dive into one of your chakras, ++ create a plan on how you want to work with that chakra ++ balance it.

End — Make a recipe together from the book! There are so many delicious recipes featured : ). ++ maybe even do a meditation or yoga class together to work on your mind-body connection : ).


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