Must-Haves for Your Home Away From Home

It’s easy to throw a set of sheets onto your Twin XL bed + thumbtack a few pictures of your closest friends ++ family above your desk + call it a day, but your home away from home is something that should be more than just a place with a few decorations you use to sleep + get ready in.

Instead, your dorm should be your safe haven when college life catches up to you — from pulling all-nighters for your first, real college exams to coming back from your 8AM class wishing you had never signed up for it. Although the limited space is challenging, these tips + tricks will transform your once bland room into your very own personalized sanctuary that’ll make it hard to leave!


To alleviate the inevitable times where you’ll get homesick, printing pictures is a great way to keep your memories with you. Instead of taping pictures directly on the wall, utilizing simple, budget-friendly frames is a great way to keep your pictures from falling + structured. We recommend + love buying frames at the dollar store ++ painting them your favorite color!


Different scents have different capabilities — some can remind us of home [like Mom’s famous desserts] or they can soothe us + act as stress reliefs. Because most college campuses + some apartment complexes do not allow candles in rooms, wallflowers are a perfect substitute to get your room smelling amazing. Here’s some that we love!


Especially in college or a new move in general, a person’s bed is often used as a first impression. Spicing up your bed is SO easy by including one or two decorative pillows + a decorative fleece throw. These two things alone will make your room feel 20 times more *you* than before. Some of our favorite places for these are Target, Pier 1 Imports, Kirklands, + Ikea!


As said before, your space in college is extremely limited. The way to utilize the entirety of your room is to incorporate storage organizers. Ottomans are as multifunctional as it gets, with it tripling as a seat for yourself//friends, decor, + storage ; ). Wired baskets also provide a great amount of storage + radiate character for your room!

5] RUG

Simply adding a rug to your floor space will entirely change the feel of your room. With the right size, a rug can make your room appear bigger + give off a comforting vibe!


There are some days that we all need a little refresh of the goodness + vibrancy of life. Having a few, small plants is the perfect touch to any room that you spend a lot of time in — it adds color, character, + life as well as the added responsibility of taking care of it. Here are a few plants we recommend for college living!


A top function that every college student does in their room is to do homework + study, so having cute stationery + planners are important! They can double as decor on your desk + add organizational value to keep you on the road to success in classes! We love this kit from Target in particular because it includes the essentials for your desk + motivational phrases to help keep your pencil moving! : )


It’s normal in dorm rooms — with limited windows in a small, enclosed space — to feel claustrophobic at times. Adding fairy lights or any lightweight, string lights is a magical way to make your room feel brighter. Turn on your favorite Netflix show, switch on your new lights, + make yourself some popcorn ++ you’ll almost forget that you’re at your home away from home! A great place to shop for inexpensive dorm room lights are Amazon, like these!

Adding many, simple accessories to your dorm makes ALL the difference! What’s your favorite dorm room accessory?

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