Holistic Self Care Practices to Try

Mind-body-spirit connection is something that millions of people strive for, every single day. We all want to have our mind work in sync with our body, which both should work in sync with our spirit. As a healthcare professional who specializes in alternative medicine, the quest for a mind-body-spirit connection is never ending…

The mind is a powerful tool, that comes up with our thoughts//interactions//conversations, expresses love//hate//passion, helps us solve problems, create, imagine, + the

list could go on forever. The mind is perhaps our most powerful tool, but that is a “loving” argument that many seem to go through all the time-is the mind or body more powerful? Does the mind run the body? Does the body run the mind? We will never know for sure… but the mind is the single most powerful tool to create a positive outcome whether with our outer endeavors or internal health.

The body is how we extend our health in a physical manner. We are made up of trillions of cells, all which regulate physiological processes that our body goes through each + every day, as if on auto-pilot. This is also how we can portray our movements — whether as a person in the gym, a pro athlete, a dancer, or as small as lifting our hand to eat food, or wave. The body is also responsible for our expressions of eyes, ears + mouth, but not without our mind first. The body is how we remain in health — from running organs to fighting off disease to regulating hormones to even creating another being. The body is a miracle, + sometimes we are all guilty of forgetting that.

This is one that most people seem to leave on the back-burner. The spirit represents our emotions, our soul, + our character. This is often something we do not have control over because our soul is what we were given when becoming a human. Many of us choose to represent our spirit by practicing certain beliefs, expressing emotions in certain ways, or sharing thoughts with others. No matter how you practice spiritualism — it represents your spirit as something more than a physical being on earth.

Now the key for a mind, body, + spirit connection is to regulate all of these in sync with one another. One of these cannot function without another. We can’t have our body without a mind to put in it, we can’t have our soul without a mind to help us portray it, + the interconnectedness never ends. The goal of overall health + well-being is to properly connect all of these. Let’s think about the body: we all know the power of a positive mind, + proper bodily health is not at its greatest without a positive mind to go along with it. If a person is suffering from depression, their hormonal processes in their body do not function at their best, causing the physical body to suffer. Depression not only affects the mind, but the spirit + character of a person suffers as well. See how it is all connected?

Now… how do you connect all of these? I urge all of you to seek healthcare professionals or mentors that focus on the entire body of a person. I don’t mean only head-toe [although this is absolutely necessary], but I mean inside your mind + spirit as well. I am a physician who has extensive training in the musculoskeletal system [MSK], yet with a specialization in internal medicine + acupuncture. I understand that the MSK system cannot run properly without proper internal function, + internal function cannot work best without proper mental health. On top of this, psychological components are key to help one recognize their spirit + soul, how to extend their soul to their thoughts, + how to extend their positive thoughts onto incredible physical health.

. . .

Now let’s get back to actually answering my question — how to connect all of these… In no particular order:

  • Work with a physical medicine doctor [musculoskeletal], preferably a reputable chiropractor or physical therapist to get your body performing to the best of its ability. Someone who specializes in functional movement patterns, injury prevention or pain specialists are fantastic.
  • Work with an internal medicine doctor, one who focuses on the entire body as a whole-preferably a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath or Holistic Internal Med Practitioner. Functional Medicine + Naturopathy focus on health from the ground up, with the focus being on optimal health, not just black + white health that may not feel so great in the long run. I did a Podcast with CHAARG about Functional Medicine, so if you want to learn more, check it out here!
  • Work with an acupuncturist. Acupuncture can help physical medicine [musculoskeletal], internal medicine + mental health. Acupuncturists treat everything from sports injuries to fertility to anxiety, + if you so choose to-see a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor as well who dispenses herbs.
  • Work with a psychologist or counselor. Even if you are in the “best” of mental health, we ALL can benefit from a mental health specialist. There is not one of us who has pristine mental health, just as not one of us has pristine physical or internal health, so why neglect the mind? In fact, for those of you in college reading this — mental health is key in college. There are changes, decisions, heartbreak, school challenges, living away from family — all of which can be detrimental to mental health. Allow someone to help you!

. . .

Along with meeting with these specific healthcare practitioners, I urge you to do some holistic healthcare practices of your own, or work with mentors who can help you:

  • Meditate for mental health
  • Soul seek for spiritualism
  • Journal + explore
  • Exercise [yoga, run, lift, dance — ANYTHING!]
  • Eat well for physical + mental health [it will satisfy your soul too!]
  • Have reiki done for mental//spiritual health
  • Listen to your favorite music to soothe your mind
  • Seek your passions
  • Use essential oils to calm the mind, strengthen the physical body
  • Salt-water pod for relaxation
  • Infrared sauna for internal, physical + mental health

These are just some of my holistic medicine practices that I love + urge you to try. It is key to balance every part of yourself-mind, body + spirit. Once you begin to balance them, you will see your health piece its way together in ways you would never believe.

With positive vibes,

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