Healthy Ways To Get Through A Breakup

Almost everyone has been through or known somebody who has been through a breakup — they’re really tough! When relationships end, it’s normal + expected to feel sad. Sometimes it takes a little longer for your heart to catch up with where your head is at + that’s okay. Everybody heals at their own speed + in their own time, but if you or someone you know needs a little help, here are some ways that you can overcome a breakup!

#1] Breathe. Just take a second to focus on your breath + slow your body ++ mind down a little bit.

#2] Let your emotions out! It’s okay to cry, eat your favorite foods, + binge Netflix for the day. But, try to limit this to a day or two so you don’t end up wallowing in those emotions!

#3] Look at the relationship like your best friend would. Oftentimes, people lookout for their friends more than they look out for themselves. Look at it from both an inside + outside perspective ++ that will ultimately help with some closure!

#4] Focus on yourself. What hobbies do you enjoy doing? This can be a whole range of things from drawing, dancing, going to your favorite workout studio, reading the CHAARG blog ; ), to sitting back + reading a book you’ve been meaning to get to.

#5] Listen to music! Music is an awesome way to express yourself — whether that is through listening or creating beats yourself.

#6] Spend time with friends + family. Surround yourself around your support system *cough cough* #CHAARGgirls!

#7] Spend time on your own. Every relationship teaches you a lot about yourself, this is your time to figure out what you want!

#8] Take a social media break! I know we all love insta, but sometimes it can wait. If you don’t want to wait + don’t want to see particular posts or notifications, you can always change your settings too!

#9] Try something new! What’s better than getting your mind off things by trying out something you’ve never done before? Whether that’s a new recipe, or new workout, there is so much out there to do + it’s all at your fingertips!

#10] Treat yourself! This can be a facemask, bundt cake, massage, or really anything that makes you happy!

Healing takes time, but you have the whole #CHAARG community behind you to help + cheer you on!

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