Healthy Ice Cream? Say Hello to Arctic Zero

Summer means all of our favorite things: outdoor workouts [who signed up for the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP?!], vacations, driving with the windows down, gettin’ some sun, + most importantly: ICE CREAM. Ice cream is a girl’s best friend in the summer [that’s the saying, right? ; )] ++ girls — we found the perfect little pints to satisfy your sweet tooth…

Now I am all for full-fledged ice cream. Trust me, I know, sometimes you gotta have that waffle cone, but if you are sticking to an eating plan, have dietary restrictions, or trying to cut back on sweets, you need another option. Here is a mindful indulgence to welcome into your life this summer — Arctic Zero.

Three words: Healthy. Ice. Cream. Yes, you read that right. Okay, we admit: it’s not technically ice cream. It’s not as thick, creamy, + sweet as some of our favorites, but for being low in pretty much everything [fat, calories, sugar, etc] — it comes pretty close.

Arctic Zero’s founder, Greg Holtman, grew up looking after his type-1 diabetic mother. From watching his family struggle with finding a compromise between eating the sweets they loved [specifically ice cream] + keeping away from artificial flavors + sweeteners. Greg believed that you shouldn’t have to choose between indulging + staying healthy [AMEN] + he wanted to come up with a way to eliminate that choice. After plenty of experimenting with only real ingredients, Arctic Zero was created.

This line of “Fit Frozen Desserts” is made with quality, all-natural ingredients + is kind to everyone: it’s lactose free, gluten free, low glycemic, + totally GMO free [YEY!]. The perfect sweet treat for people with dietary restrictions! So yes this is awesome, but what are some other reasons that we love it oh so much? Let me tell you!


#1] Ummm did I mention that there are 35 calories per serving of Arctic Zero? Did I also mention that there are only 150 calories per PINT of Arctic Zero?! PER PINT.

#2] Arctic Zero has a whey protein base [*arm pump emoji*] + is sweetened with antioxidant-packed monk fruit + a little bit of organic cane sugar. It is also enriched with chicory root — a GMO free soluble fiber with prebiotic + blood sugar stabilizing properties.

#3] These pints come in LOTS of tasty flavors [summer bucket list: TRY ALL OF THEM.]


Simply Strawberry, Hint of Mint, Purely Chocolate, Vanilla Maple, Cappuccino, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut, Orange Dream, Cookie Shake


*note: these guys are 75 cal/serv. + 300 cal/pint

Cool Mint Chip, Cookie Dough Chip, Buttery Pecan, Key Lime Pie,  A Lil Bit Chippy

So — scoop some for a post workout snack, make a milkshake with it, use it to top off your protein pancakes, drizzle it with PB or chocolate [or both!], throw some berries on it — the options are endless + whatever you do, it’s going to be GOOD [+ totally guilt-free].

Arctic 8 crop

Trying Arctic Zero for the first time? Let us know what you think! Already an Arctic Zero lover? Share your favorite flavor//recipe with us! Tag @chaarg + #CHAARGeats on insta!


+Isabelle [@isabelle_inchaarg], IU CHAARG

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