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March is Women’s History Month, so we are taking the chance to celebrate all the incredible women who made history by breaking records in sports, founding products // companies we still know + use today, ++ challenged the norms to show women the strength that lies within them.

Kate Brumbach // Athlete

Born in the late 1800s, Kate Brumbach’s physical features made her stand out in a crowd + led to her greatness. Although her physical features went directly against the definition of “attractive” at the time [she was over six feet tall], she was loved by many for embracing her strength. Women weren’t supposed to be muscular + fit at the time[guides even warned women about the dangers of too much exercise!]. To top it off, her big break came when she challenged men to a lifting competition in New York City + won by lifting 300 pounds over her head with one hand.

Margaret Abbott // Olympian

Only 22 of the 997 competitors in the 1900 Paris Olympics were women — one of those women was Margaret Abbott. This was the first time women were allowed to compete in the Olympics + Abbott became the first American woman to win an Olympic event — in a male-dominated sport too! She won the women’s golf tournament, an event that was not seen again at the Olympics until 2016 in Rio. The games were so poorly organized in 1900 that Abbott did not even know that she was competing in an Olympic event. She herself never even knew she had was an Olympian, as it was not figured out until after her death by a researcher that the tournament was in fact an Olympic event.

Kathrine Switzer // Marathon Athlete

CHAARG girls really know how to #runCHAARG — but running wasn’t always an acceptable outlet for female athletes. In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially run + enter a marathon. Since women were not allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon, Switzer hid her gender by changing her name. When officials realized a woman was running, she was chased down, but her boyfriend knocked the official off the course. In the end, Switzer made it to the finish line + lobbied for the women’s marathon to be an official event in the Olympic Games. Talk about a #GirlBoss!

Lisa Lindahl // Inventor

Can you imagine working out without your go-to sports bras? Well, before 1977 that was the reality for female athletes. Lisa Lindahl invented the sports bra after getting into the habit of jogging. Her “jogbra” became what we know as the sports bra + has been recreated by hundreds of brands + worn by the millions. Next time you put on your favorite one — you’ll know who to thank ; )

Jane Fonda // Actress + Fitness Guru

You’ve probably seen the workout videos + probably dressed up in a leotard ++ tights for Halloween. Jane Fonda pioneered the workout video craze in the 80’s and 90’s, which quickly became the highest selling video of all time. Without Jane Fonda, working out from the comfort of your home might not be a thing!

Elizabeth Cutler + Julie Rice // Entrepreneurs

Although you might not know them by name, you sure know their creation + the revolution it launched — SoulCycle. This fierce duo set out to “find a fitness routine that didn’t feel like work” + SoulCycle was born in 2006. By reinventing spin classes, the brand led to the creation of many of the studios we now know + love [+ get to workout at each week at Weekly Workouts!]

What women in fitness history inspire you the most? Who knows, maybe a CHAARG girl will make fitness history before we know it ; )

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