Health Benefits Of Weighted Blankets

Have you heard the craze about the health benefits of weighted blankets? Weighted blankets [or gravity blankets] were originally used by therapists for their patients. Now, the blanket is more mainstream + you can easily get one from Amazon! These blankets are safe for adolescents + adults, but should be avoided by infants ++ young children because of safety concerns. The blankets are filled with either plastic or glass pellets as the weight, + the ideal weight of the blanket is around 10% of your body weight. Here are some benefits of using a gravity blanket! 

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#1] IMPROVES MOOD. We always want to be happy but sometimes you feel upset because of hormonal issues or even just because of the day you’re having. These blankets have been found to help increase serotonin + melatonin levels which overall would help with mood + sleeping. 

#2] ALLEVIATES RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME. RLS is a condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs around because of an uncomfortable sensation. Since this usually happens at night, it can make people have trouble sleeping, people with this syndrome found that weighted blankets helped them out a lot with this!

#3] REDUCES ANXIETY + STRESS. Over 40 million people in the United States have some form of anxiety. There are many ways to cope with anxiety including finding “comfort items.” The weighted blanket can become a comfort item that you go to when you’re feeling stressed. 

#4] HELPS YOU STAY ASLEEP AT NIGHT. There was a study done in the Journal of Sleep Medicine Disorders with adults who were diagnosed with chronic insomnia. They were monitored for a week using their own blankets, then a few weeks with the weighted blankets, then back to one week using their own blanket. The study showed that four out of five patients preferred the weighted blanket because they were able to stay asleep longer! 

#5] MIMICS A BIG HUG! The weight of the blanket is similar to the feeling of being hugged or embraced while you’re using it. The pressure around your body is supposed to give off a comforting effect. 

#6] AIDS WITH ADHD. People who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may have a hard time focusing + sleeping no matter what age they are. Some have trouble focusing while others may be impulsive or restless. People with ADHD + Autism have seen an improvement in their sleep because of the deep touch pressure stimulation + sensory input of gravity blankets. 

#7] ALLEVIATES SYMPTOMS OF PTSD. Usually this refers to veterans, but anyone can have PTSD especially if they have been exposed to stressful or traumatic events. People with PTSD often experience issues sleeping because of emotional triggers. Weighted blankets can help lower blood pressure as well as pulse rates to get your body in a calmer mood! 

#8] EASES INSOMNIA. The deep pressure stimulation gives a reassuring + cocooning effect which helps relax you. 

Your body needs appropriate rest otherwise you won’t be able to function properly! Take care of yourself, find what works for you, + we will be there to support you every step of the way! : ) Want to find other ways to improve your sleep? Head over to this post to have a little bit of it all!


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