The Ultimate Guide To Your Healthiest Work Day

You made it! You graduated college, parted ways with your CHAARG chapter, friends, + family ++ now you find yourself in the crazy world of *adulting*. Full-time job. New apartment in a different city. Life is now way more hectic than you expected — just as you’re trying to establish your new work//life routine.

This transition is far from easy, but you can follow along with our outline for your most successful, healthy [of course!], + mindful 9-to-5 yet!

This is just a *suggested breakdown* of your work day! We know all schedules are different, but hope that these tricks + tips can bring you closer to workday happiness.


You’ve heard it before: failure to plan is planning to fail! Making sure you’re set for your best day starts with a little extra prep time [three steps!] the night before…

#1] Workout gear + sweat sesh plan: Set out your favorite #FITionista outfit, down to the very last detail — headband, hair ties + socks included ; ). The less you have to think about in the morning = the faster you’re going to dominate the day! Also, determine what you’re going to conquer [putting in more miles for #runCHAARG? restarting a CHAARG FitPlan?]– so that you can get started as soon as you hit the gym!

#2] #CHAARGeats: Pack up breakfast, lunch, + anything else you need [don’t forget your salad dressings, spreads, etc.] to get you through the workday.

#3] Work bag + essentials: Make sure your work bag is packed with everything you need to have a successful day on the job. There’s nothing like forgetting an important project that throw off your entire day. Check + double check!

5:45 AM //

Your alarm goes off, because you’re ready to get to #werk! Joining the #6AMCREW is your first step to a healthy + mindful work day. Haven’t been working out regularly + don’t know what to do now? Check out our current #runCHAARG challenge + pair your running with a one of our strength workouts!

6:00 – 7:00 AM //

You’re getting your sweat on! If you’re working out at the gym, make sure you’ve packed all necessities [work clothes, toiletries, makeup, etc.], so you can shower right after your workout + head straight from the gym to work.

7:00 – 7:10 AM //

Seal your workout with intention — through meditation. Clearing your mind will also help jumpstart your day, relieve stress, + bring a sense of gratitude. Check out Headspace, a free meditation app, to help discover your zen.

7:10 – 9:00 AM //

Get ready for work + feel accomplished after a killer #sweatsesh! Refuel after your workout  with a healthy breakfast — some of our favorite *grab + go* options include overnight oats + smoothies.

9:00 – 10:00 AM //

COFFEE! For those of us waking up between 6-8AM, we should start our first cup of coffee around 9-9:30AM. Any earlier + we begin interfering with our body’s production of cortisol [the hormone released when we are stressed or when our blood glucose levels are low] + can become dependent on the early-morning cup of joe. If you drink your coffee first thing, consider holding off until you get to the office + drink water instead.

Now that your coffee is brewed, let’s do this! We recommend going through your inbox + begin answering emails that can be easily responded to. Then, tackle the hardest, most demanding projects. Not only is it better to face these head-on, but you’ll most likely need more time + help from others.

10:00 – 11:00 AM [+ THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY!] //

Drinking enough water? One of our favorite workday tips is having a few water bottles on hand in the office. Throwing 1-2 additional water bottles in the company fridge is an easy way to stay consistently hydrated. When you finish one, fill it back up + throw it in the fridge, while grabbing another. SO easy.

If you’re sitting at a desk most of the day, remember to take a few breaks each hour. Some fitness trackers, like the FitBit, allow you to set reminders throughout the day, so that you don’t stay inactive for too long. Chrome Extensions like StandApp + Move It are free to add to your browser, getting you up + moving.


Lunchtime is obviously a great time to refuel, whether your job allows an actual lunch break or if you’re continuing to work. Assess your office kitchen — do you have a fridge, microwave, and//or toaster oven? ++ pack your lunch accordingly. We love Mason Jar Salads, wraps, + bowls. To keep your lunch extra fresh, bring prepared ingredients + assemble your masterpiece at work.

2:00 – 3:00 PM // 

Need another cup of coffee? We understand ; ). Starting around 2PM is the ideal time to get in a little bit more caffeine. Take a walk to a coffee shop with a co-worker [check out our fav drinks at Starbucks!] — getting in some fresh air will allow your mind to reset for a productive afternoon!


The last 15 minutes is a confusing time — what can you actually get accomplished? Take this time to create tomorrow’s to-do list + thank someone on your team. It can be as simple as sending a quick, thank-you email. Bringing gratitude into the workplace affirms who you are as a team member + helps relieve stress, by allowing you to see *the big picture*. Work can be stressful at times, but staying mindful is one of the best ways to remain focused + get after that daydream!

+ Jessica [@jessicasmith_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG NYC

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