Harness Your Passion Into A Side Hustle

Side hustles can look different for everyone, but to summarize: side hustles are separate projects or jobs we work on aside from the time spent at school//a full-time job. Most times, side hustles develop from our hobbies. Examples could be writing novels//a blog in your spare time, training for a variety of fitness goals//events like marathons, starting a company, creating a photography business, becoming an influencer, + more. 

Side hustles can be anything we make + want them to be. Big? Small? It doesn’t matter. Like with most aspects of our lives, side hustles are not something we should compare with others. We all have different goals + different commitments ++ unique ways of growing as individuals. 

For me, I’ve taken on a side hustle of teaching myself Korean in my spare time aside from my commitments to my college classes + involvement in CHAARG + other clubs. Some people may see this as a small side hustle compared to someone who may be working on their own company while others may see this as a time-consuming + challenging goal to have. Both may be correct, but for me, it’s the perfect side hustle because it’s something I’m passionate about + curious about pursuing.



There are a variety of reasons why picking up a side hustle is beneficial. First, it’s all about personal growth! We create side hustles to better ourselves mentally, physically, financially, emotionally, etc. Side hustles add positivity to our lives — all goals have obstacles to overcome, but side hustles should never start taking away the quality of our lives [if they do, we should reevaluate how we’re approaching them]. In a way, side hustles can become a form of self-care as we are spending time cultivating new knowledge + skills while working on ourselves.

Another reason side hustles are important to have is because they are outlets for us to explore ourselves + our interests in ways only limited by our own rules. By really applying ourselves + knowing our interests in in-depth ways, we get to discover new things about ourselves we maybe never noticed or believed about ourselves until we pushed ourselves to find it. 

Who knows, maybe our side hustles will become more than side hustles one day?



#1] Make Time For The Side Hustle

Depending on our involvement, schedule, + overall goals for our side hustles, making time for them looks different for every person. Some need to do a little bit every day to feel productive + like they are progressing. Others may be satisfied by working on their side hustles at least 3 days a week. Find a groove that works for that specific side hustle + works best in time that’s available. Personally, I do some type of Korean practice every day whether that’s reviewing vocab, learning new grammar, or watching videos in the language. 

Making time for our side hustles can be as flexible as we need it to be too! We shouldn’t become dragged down by over-committing ourselves. Sometimes I miss a lesson or cut it short if I have limited time + other days I do lessons for hours on end. It all depends on us. Ultimately, if our side hustles are something we’re truly passionate about + we have motivating goals, we’ll go out of our way ++ always make time for them. 


#2] Be *Smart* About Goals

I apologize in advance to everyone who just cringed thinking back to every time we had to make S.M.A.R.T. goals in school. But as much as we hate to admit it, they’re extremely helpful + effective. They don’t have to be too intense [unless that’s motivating] but outlined just enough to give us a framework of what we want//need to accomplish. Some progress can be more complicated than others to mark + follow, but even if we don’t have an exact goal, we have an idea on where we want this side hustle to take us ++ where we want to be at the end of it. Making smaller goals that led to the ultimate goal is helpful for productivity + progress as well.

An example of a small goal I may have is to finish a Lesson Unit every week [or every two weeks if there’s more complicated grammar involved] + then I would plan my week around tackling that goal ++ figuring out what I need to do each day to accomplish that goal. By accomplishing small goals like this, I get closer to the bigger, overall goals I want to accomplish by the end of the semester, by the end of the year, + so on.


#3] Be Accountable 

If you’re anything like me, I find it incredibly difficult to stay accountable to myself but have no trouble showing up for the things that other people are counting on me for. This creates challenges when taking on a side hustle as they are very personal goals + isolated activities unless it’s specifically made to be a group effort. So it’s crucial to find someone to keep us accountable if we struggle to stay committed to only ourselves. 

Some ways to stay diligent is to have our goals be known. Whether that’s by physically writing out our goals [+ then putting it somewhere in daily sight as a reminder], telling friends//family members, having someone else who is also working on a side hustle to confide in or posting on social media about it. Just putting our intentions out in the world makes us feel more inclined to stick with them + follow through because no longer are we the only ones that know about it. It can be frustrating if we wish to keep our side hustles a secret or on the down-low, but there are always ways to combat any obstacle. 

Becoming more accountable to ourselves is something everyone can improve on. By implementing different habits into our routines, we can become reminders to ourselves of what we want to accomplish + keep ourselves motivated ++ moving forward. Doing things as simple as setting alarm reminders or setting up rewards for ourselves can make the biggest difference.

Luckily, I have friends who are also learning the language or have offered to help me in various ways when they discovered I was teaching myself Korean. So having that support system within my friends + from my family knowing my goals as well as posting about it on social media has kept me accountable ++ motivated. But I’m always working on finding more accountability within myself by scheduling lessons into my routine//between classes, setting weekly goals for myself, + keeping myself inspired//excited to learn every day!


#4] Stay Passionate

Our motivation, our productivity, our quality of work, our goals all are impacted by our passion. We can notice a difference in ourselves when we work on something we’re actually interested in versus how we feel when working on something we’re really not feeling. We don’t want our side hustles to become something we dread having to work on. Keeping our passion fresh + ignited is vital to keeping the fire burning! I heard a quote recently that said, “My passion is my alarm clock.” 

Our side hustles should be something that makes us excited to get up every morning! Keeping our routines fresh + continuing to explore our interests more will allow us to grow our passion each day. Becoming burned out is a fear many people are anxious about or have dealt with, but by practicing self-care + knowing our limitations we learn when a change is necessary in order to keep a healthy mindset for our side hustles//life in general!

We have to remember why we started + why we were passionate//excited in the first place ++ never lose sight of our goals. We all grow + adapt our goals as well as our actions as time passes ++ as we progress. We’re all working on bettering ourselves in different ways + we all face obstacles that tempt us to give up. We should be the cheerleader everyone needs because sometimes we lose the ability to cheer for ourselves. But we’re all worth cheering for + we can achieve any goal we set our minds to! 

We support all our CHAARGies challenging themselves to reach the best versions of themselves! Share some of your side hustles in the comments below! : )


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