Gymtimidation: What It is + How To Overcome It

Gymtimidation is defined as “the fear of working out in front of others.” According to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans, as many as 50% experienced gymtimidation while working out at their fitness centers. This can be especially common in women, who might face anxiety or nerves going into the often male-dominated spaces in the gym.   

The CHAARG community is all about empowering women — in the gym + beyond! We thought we would get your advice + see what your tips are on how to overcome gymtimidation! Here’s what you said:

#1] Wear your cutest fit! Look confident, be confident! — @alexisskimm_inchaarg

#2] Don’t be afraid to ask the people who work at the gym for help! They’ll teach you! — @meghanbarter21

#3] Start any workout with light cardio, that way you can spot what machines are taken ahead of time. — @nani_inchaarg

#4] Have your workout written out + pulled up for easy reference. — @kkaitlyn_inchaarg

#5] Go [to the gym] with your Small Group! — @erikahope_inchaarg 

#6] Listen to music! + focus on the lift more than those around you, we all start somewhere! — @katefry_inchaarg

#7] Just know that you have as much of a right to be there as anybody else! — @_it.27

#8] Remember that everyone is focused on themselves + no one is judging you! Concentrate on yourself + *your* motives! – so. many. of. you!

Feeling gymtimidation is entirely valid, but using these tips, you can overcome it! When it comes to feeling liberated in the gym, know that the CHAARG community always has your back ; )

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