Gym To Glam: Getting Ready Post Sweat Sesh

As CHAARGies, we all have crazy, on-the-go lifestyles. Between classes, CHAARG events, work + other student orgs, it can be difficult to find time to get our workouts in. Even when we do find the time, we often don’t have the luxury of being able to go home to shower + change before we are off to the next thing. Below are a few hacks to going directly from the gym to the rest of your day when you have little time to spare. Here are our tips for minimizing your “getting ready time” after your sweat sesh —


#1] Dry Shampoo

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it’s one that rarely proves to be ineffective. Dry shampoo is meant to mask the oils in your hair without actually going through the process of washing, conditioning + drying [a process that, for me personally, can take up to an hour]. If you’ve got somewhere to be immediately after your workout + you know you want to wear your hair down but don’t have time to wash it, dry shampoo may just be your next best friend. Our favorite is Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, or Living Proof if you’re looking to splurge a little!

#2] Braids//Ponytails

If you’re like us + dry shampoo just never seems to work for your hair [yes, there are the rare few which the product proves to be insufficient for], then plan ahead with your workout hairstyle. You can stay simple with a classic high ponytail [tip: let the smaller strands of hair in the front fall loosely to frame your face + give you that “purposefully messy” look] or add some flair with a braided updo. This will not only keep your hair out of your face during your workout, but will give you “casual chic” vibes for the rest of the day.


#1] Slower reps = less sweat

After a good workout, it’s undeniable we all leave the gym feeling equal parts accomplished + sweaty. For those of us in a time crunch, this is the ultimate obstacle to overcome — no one wants to skip a shower after a sweaty workout, but sometimes we don’t have a choice! One way to avoid leaving the gym dripping with sweat is to do a workout with slower reps + smaller movements. Workouts with isometric movements [movements so small that sometimes they are barely even noticeable], like pilates or yoga, are designed specifically to attack the smaller muscles in your body that you often neglect — meaning, you’ll break less of a sweat while still burning out your entire body.

#2] Pack a Towel [or two]

Avoiding sweat altogether is virtually impossible [we don’t call our time in the gym or studio a “sweat sesh” for nothing!], so another way to combat the sticky aftermath of a good session is to bring along a towel or body wipes. One CHAARGie recommends “Nasty” Wipes to be used in place of a shower — temporarily. There are all kinds of body wipe brands out there, so finding one that works well for your skin won’t be hard to do!


#1] Leggings ARE pants

Despite what people may say, we know leggings are completely acceptable to wear as pants. From classic black to fun designs + mesh cutouts, leggings come in all shapes, sizes, designs + colors. No matter what your style of choice is, every pair of leggings can easily take you from “gym to glam.” Bringing a complete change of clothes can sometimes be inconvenient, so opt for a change of tops instead. Replacing your sweaty tank with a cute blouse [or oversized sweater in the winter], will instantly transform your look. Find our fav affordable brands here!

#2] Change of shoes

No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes + in this case, we are going for a “casual, but cute” vibe. Swapping your Nikes out for a pair of sneakers, like Converse or Vans, or even a pair of sandals, like Birkenstocks or Chacos, will pull your entire look together.


#1] Keep it all natural

The most practical solution is to forgo makeup entirely before your workout. It may seem crazy, but embracing your natural beauty will give you a sense of empowerment unlike any other. In fact, your previous sweat sesh will provide you with natural highlighters to keep your skin glowing all day long.

#2] Embrace minimalism

Okay, so going out bare-faced may just be too much to handle right away [but seriously, I really encourage you to try it, even if you’re just going to class — at least once!].  The alternative would be to go for a more simple makeup look. Rather than going through the process of highlighting, contouring, lining + blending, focus instead on the bigger picture. Using a light amount of concealer + a thin layer of foundation along with a few swipes of mascara will even out your skin tone ++ brighten your eyes just enough. This will save time in front of the mirror + give the liveliness to your features that you are looking for.

Want more hacks? Check out this blog post. Do you have any style hacks you swear by? Comment below!

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