Let’s Talk Gym: Reps + Supersets + HIIT, Oh My!

Another amazing CHAARG Spring Break FitPlan is underway, + we’re pumped to sweat + inspire alongside 1,000 girls over these next five weeks! Whether this is your very first FitPlan or your seventh, there’s always something new to learn + to gain from by participating in a CHAARG FitPlan ; )

In order to absolutely crush these next five weeks, it’s important to understand exactly what your workout is asking of you. Before we dive in, let’s define some common gym lingo you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming weeks — some you’ve probably already heard, + some you may have yet to learn! So — let’s talk gym…


Short for *repetition*, a rep is the number of times you will perform a specific exercise. For example, 15 push-ups equals 15 reps. However, the definition of a rep can vary depending on the exercise. A more complicated example — 20 lunges [1 rep = 1 lunge on the right + 1 on the left]. Make sure to read the workout description carefully so you know how many reps to complete : ).


A *set* is the number of times you will repeat your reps. For example, 2 sets of 15 push-ups would equal 30 push-ups total. During the CHAARG SBFP, you will see a lot of terminology like *3 X 10 bicep curls*. This means you will complete 10 reps of bicep curls 3 times through [for a total of 30 reps], with rest in between.


An acronym for *as fast as possible*. Just like it sounds ; ) — this means you will complete the workout, booty burn or exercise as fast as you can, without a set time.


A superset is when two or more exercises are done back-to-back, without rest. Supersets help build endurance + are an efficient way to add more exercises without adding a lot of time onto your workout. You’ll see supersets in the CHAARG SBFP like this—*3 X 10 bicep curls + 10 hammer curls*, followed by an allotted rest period.


Interval training involves alternating periods of intense activity + lighter activity. Unlike a steady jog or yoga class, which usually exerts the same amount of energy from start to finish, interval training is constantly changing energy exerted during the sweat sesh — perfect if you’re ready to feel the burn + drip sweat!


HIIT stands for *high intensity interval training*, + is one of our favorite ways to sweat ; ). HIIT alternates short bursts of high intensity movement//exercise with  a recovery period or an exercise of lighter intensity. HIIT workouts are quick, efficient cardio sweat seshes great for the days you don’t have much time to workout. During the SBFP, you’ll see HIIT workouts on the tread, stationary bike, stairmaster or can even be done doing bodyweight exercises!


Tabata is a type of HIIT workout that generally lasts for four minutes. It includes 20 seconds of going ALL OUT + 10 seconds of rest. This pattern is repeated 8X, amounting in 4 minutes of #werk. Trust us, it’s harder than it sounds! Check out what a tabata workout looks like with this sweat sesh from the CHAARG Fall  FitPlan — Pump-kin HIIT.


Circuit training groups various exercises into one station, or *circuit*. It is more about how many reps you can do of an exercise in a certain amount of time rather than in total.  For an example circuit training workout try out this sweat sesh from last year’s SBFP—Mermaid Abs.


Get ready to jump! Plyo workouts are all about explosive movement! During plyo training, a group of muscles are stretched + then contracted in as short of a time as possible. This combo of stretching + contracting the muscles helps increase power + speed, + is perfect for bodyweight workouts—no equipment needed [although a jump rope would be nice ; )].


We can’t wait to see you crush this fitplan!

+xo Natalie [@natalie_inchaarg], VirtCHAARG // Grand Rapids

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