While the heart of the CHAARG Community is located on college campuses, CHAARG isn’t just something that you are a part of for four years — the community + core values are for life.

As an “adult” [eeeek!] — your health + wellness journey will look different… priorities change + it’s natural to become interested in new topics [hello meditation, at home workouts, + all the self-care! : )].

Below you’ll find a few of our favorite resources to use as you head into post-grad life.

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Other Resources We love

Of course, there are plenty of resources out there to support your passion for self-growth, fitness, + all things wellness.

Here are a few of our *CHAARG approved* favorites —


  • Mint [finance]
  • Qapital [finance]
  • Co-Star [astrology ; )]
  • Calm [meditation]
  • Headspace [meditation]
  • Insight Timer [meditation]


  • The Balanced Blonde — Soul On Fire
  • On Being
  • How I Built This
  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • 10% Happier
  • The Skinny Confidential
  • The CHAARG Podcast ; )