Grab Your Journal: Body Positivity Workshop

This is a supplement to episode #114 of The CHAARG Podcast — Body Positivity Workshop + Body Image Update — I encourage you guys to listen to the episode first, + then go through this workshop!

*PSA! This episode continues the conversation that we had TWO (!!!) years ago on episode #4 of The CHAARG Podcast — Starting The Conversation On Body Image

Download this worksheet for the full list of statements. Take time reading the statements + check the statements that you answer *yes* to. Be honest with every answer. We’ve found that the best way to get into a heart space is to read each statement slowly, + the first word that pops up is the most accurate answer.

Spend time reviewing the statements you said *yes* to. Most of these statements carry a lot of pain, shame, + unworthiness. The first step in beginning to let these feelings go + overcome them is to acknowledge them! ++ now it’s time to reflect : )

#1] How did this exercise make you feel? 

#2] What *should* are you tired of carrying about your body? 

#3] Where do you feel called to make a personal change in your relationship with your body?

#4] What is the next step that you are going to take to make that change? 

#5] How do you want to be supported?

.     .     .

There’s power in sharing with others, so I encourage you to pass this workshop to a friend ++ share how you each want to be supported. While we are each on our own journey, I think it’s safe to say that all of us ultimately desire to have a loving + compassionate relationship with our body. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to support you — we love you!

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