4 Gourmet S’mores To Try At Your Next Bonfire

Nothing says summer like sitting by a bonfire with a delicious s’more [or 2!] in hand. We’ve all had the classic chocolate + marshmallow combo for years ++ while it’s still amazing — we’re thinkin’ it’s time to kick things up a notch. That’s why we are bringing you 4 totally pumped up + CHAARGified versions of our good, old campfire favorite. ++ Ooh, are these babies *heavenly*. What a great way to finish off your sweet, sweet summer! ; )

Grab your favorite marshmallows + graham crackers + get ta stackin!

#1] Roast your marshmallows over a campfire//gas burner//candle to reach that perfect level of marshmallow perfection. Whether that’s golden-brown or *toasted*, you’re s’mores will be delicious!

#2] Assemble your s’mores using our fav combos or come up with your own by using various chocolates, fruits, + toppings — get creative!

#3] Smash your s’more together + dig in!


If you’re a fondue lovin’ girl, you’ll agree when we say chocolate covered anything is a good idea — especially strawberries. For this s’more, we are amping things up by swapping plain ole chocolate with your fav chocolate hazelnut butter. Get ready for a perfectly sweet treat.


Peanut butter lovers unite! This s’more takes the pb + chocolate combo to a whole new level. Think s’more meets peanut butter ++ banana sandwich — what’s not to love? Tip: make sure your marshmallow is nice + hot for this one — the more melt-y [+ messy ; )], the better!


Because you know we’re in love with the coco ; ). Try this s’more if you’re looking for a fruity + totally unique fireside treat. Juicy berries + melty dark chocolate = *HEAVEN* [++ the coconut is an added bonus!]


Feelin’ the need for a little spice? — this one’s for you! The dash of cayenne gives just the right amount of kick to balance out the sweetness from the marshmallows + chocolate. Tip: This is delish with plain dark chocolate, but feel free to try experimenting with different chocolate bars [sea salt, caramel, almonds — GO WILD!].

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+Isabelle, [isabelle_inchaarg] IU CHAARG

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