Glowing Green Juice

On a mission to start our days off right + come up with a new addition to our morning routine, we ventured out to make a green juice that would in the future excite us out of bed in the AM. Luckily, with a little help from two green juice extraordinares [thanks mom + dad], we came up with a recipe that wasn’t only tasty, but refreshing + energizing, too.


5 full leaves of Kale

2 Apples

½ Lemon

6 Celery Sticks

½ large Cucumber

2 large Carrots

Juicer or Blender



#1] PREP — Start by soaking veggies in cold water for a few minutes to clean them. After, prep your veggies + fruit by cutting them into pieces that will fit into your juicer. This is mainly for your apple + lemon, as the green veggies will juice with ease.

#2] JUICE — Start juicing. There really isn’t much to it. Keep in mind that more watery vegetables, such as cucumber + celery, should go in both at the middle + at the end, as they act as a cleanser for the juicer.

#3] SIP — Enjoy! Stir your juice, sip, + store.

NOTE — If you don’t have a juicer, these ingredients can be easily transferred to a high-powered blender for a refreshing smoothie.



Happy Juicing! + Mariah [@mariah_inchaarg] + Andrea [@andreak_inchaarg], DePaul CHAARG

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