Be Your Own #Girlboss — 5 Non-Traditional Things To Do After Graduating

We are so excited for the month of April — it’s the beginning of *prime* race-training season, + warmer weather, it also means one month closer to graduation! Hundreds of CHAARG girls will be receiving their diplomas in late April + May, ++ we couldn’t be more proud of + excited for these soon-to-be graduates! We VirtCHAARG girls are also excited to gain some new members ; ).

Grad season is both an exciting + *slightly* scary time. Sure, it will be an amazing feeling to be finished with your undergrad degree + all that comes with it [goodbye, homework + studying!], but school has also been all you’ve known up until this point. So what’s next? You may be feeling the pressure from yourself + family members to have a plan in place upon graduation, which is beyond stressful [as a post-grad, I can relate!]. But ya know what’s awesome about graduating? Your next steps are totally up to you. This is your life — be #inCHAARG of it!

If you’re not sure what life’s next steps are post-graduation, no worries — there are plenty of amazing things you can do other than head straight to an office for the *typical* 9-5 job. Here are 5 ideas to get you started…


College life is always go-go-go. There’s never any true time to decompress + just live. Take however long you need post-grad to catch up on some much-needed *me time*. Visit family + friends for more than just a few days. Travel anywhere + everywhere. Do something crazy, like follow your favorite band on their world tour. Take classes [not the *school kind*] — learn about wine, cooking//baking, a new fitness class, glass blowing, anything. Get out there + do you!


Another empowering alternative to working full-time is doing freelance work, or simply working part-time. This allows you to still make some money while having more free time to live your life + still do some of those things from the first point on this list ; ). Freelance work also gives you the freedom to work with multiple companies — essentially a way for you to #findyourfit when it is time to start that 9-5.


What better way to spend some of your newfound free time than giving back? There are thousands of people in your community [+ beyond] that need help in one way or another. Do some research + pick a few charities//organizations whose missions really speak to you, ++ find out how you can help. You may even consider taking a mission trip to a disadvantaged area of the world — Sarah, our Director of Expansion, highly recommends!


This idea probably sounds frightening to some + exhilarating to others — but teaching abroad is truly an opportunity that will change your life + several others’ lives as well. If you’ve ever had a dream to move abroad, this presents an opportunity to do so! English teachers are in high demand across the world, + you can do so by earning a TEFL [teaching English as a foreign language] certification in nearly any country imaginable. ++ When you do decide to come back home, you can renew your certification at any time, so teaching abroad can be an option for you for life. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up finding your *dream job* through this experience!


Think about what your life would be like without CHAARG — pretty crazy, right? However, this would’ve been the case if our fearless leader Elisabeth Tavierne didn’t take a leap of faith to make CHAARG not just a student org at OSU, but a movement across the US! [+ beyond ; )]. ++ You can do the same thing — if there’s something you’re passionate about that doesn’t yet exist, or if you simply want to pursue your passion on your own terms, be a #girlboss + start your own business! You have unlimited potential — go out there + use it.

Whatever you decide to do post-grad, know that the CHAARG community is always here for ya. We’ll support you every step of the way! : )

++ Natalie [@natalie_inchaarg], VirtCHAARG // Grand Rapids

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