To The Girl Who Is *Always Tired* — Read This

It’s 2:30 pm on a Monday + you’re sitting in a lecture hall listening to a professor speak about the most uninteresting topic, in the most monotone voice… which is exactly when that *2:30 feeling* sets in. You start imagining how wonderful it would be to curl up in bed with your favorite Netflix indulgence, but you realize you still have an hour left of this snooze-worthy lecture. You then start to think about why in the world you are feeling so overwhelmingly exhausted [aside from the unstimulating class you’re sitting through]. You got your 8 hours of sleep last night, drank your morning cup of joe + even made a stop at the local bagel shop on the way to class for breakfast. But guess what?! Sleep is not the only reason you could be feeling low on energy.

Obviously, sleep is a very important factor in fueling your body, but it’s not the only reason you are feeling tired. Check out these six reasons you’re feeling so exhausted that have nothing to do with the amount of ZZZ’s you catch every night.


Lets just say your body + sugar have a love//hate relationship. You need sugar in your diet to keep your blood sugar at normal levels. So you’re thinking, “why can’t I have a second chocolate chip cookie…#TreatYourself” — totally treat yourself, but in moderation! If you consume too much sugar at once your energy levels will instantly spike + within a half hour they will plummet, which will leave you exhausted + hangry for more sugar. The sugar cycle is not a good cycle to be on. Think about swapping your afternoon Starbucks cake pop with a snack that is delicious + will keep your energy levels bumping all afternoon, like these energy bites.


Of course as CHAARGies exercise is important to us, but as the semester dwindles, the stress piles on + we tend to get stuck in a workout rut. After long days of classes, exams, studying, meetings, work, + socializing sometimes the last thing we want to do is push through an intense workout — we would much rather fall into bed. Little did you know, research proves regular exercise fights exhaustion ++ boosts energy levels. If you’re stuck in the end-of-semester workout rut — lace up your tennis shoes + #CHAARG through your workout!  


The Monday after a Saturday night of one too many cocktails + Sunday morning endless mimosa brunch special you are probably a little dehydrated, which could be the cause of your exhaustion. Symptoms of dehydration are much deeper than feeling thirsty — fatigue, tiredness, headaches + poor concentration. Drinking your 8 glasses of water a day has more benefits than you realize!  


Iron is key when it comes to energy levels. When your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells to push oxygen throughout your body, exhaustion is the result. This all happens when your body doesn’t have enough natural iron. If you believe this might be your sleepiness problem, consult your doctor about possibly starting iron supplements, ++ do your research on iron-rich foods, like seafood, nuts, + red meats.


Are you the *yes* girl? *Yes* I will take a full class schedule. *Yes* I will be apart of 3 exec teams on campus. *Yes* I will take on a part-time job. *Yes* I will go grab a drink with you on a Wednesday night. Sound familiar? You might want to start throwing a *No* in there somewhere because being burned out could be the source of your drained energy. Carving out even an hour of *me* time every single day is crucial to not only your energy levels, but also your happiness!


After a long day of classes, meetings, + work the last thing you want to come home to is a huge pile of dishes, a basket full of dirty laundry, clothes all over the floor + an unmade bed. Knowing you have to clean after a jam-packed day creates even more exhaustion than you had when you walked in the door. Being surrounded by clutter can completely zap your energy. Research proves that studying in a cluttered environment makes it harder to focus + process information, which can lead to mental exhaustion. What a great reason to start your spring cleaning today!

++ Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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