Getting Serious About A Healthier You: Committing To A Lifestyle Change

Being motivated to commit to a healthy lifestyle + make a change is seen as something incredibly difficult. Deciding you’re going to devote the time to a new health + fitness regimen *is* easier said than done — but it doesn’t have to be seen as negative. Creating a lifestyle that allows for you to grow both physically + mentally is a process that will take time + support, but the results are a happier, healthier you all around. As a CHAARG girl,  fast forward a few months + think to yourself — *where can I be?*

Here are some things to remember when you’re really ready to commit to a lifestyle change —


Your life is about to change for the better — don’t put a time constraint on your newfound healthy life. Diets often require too many rigid guidelines to ever be sustainable. You’ll find that if you commit to a new *lifestyle* rather than a *crash diet*, you will fall in love with healthy eating rather than see it as a chore. Not only will you feel so much better, you’ll be happier — diets can set you up for failure ++ you will only to be miserable in your quest to reach your goal. Being healthy is a long-term commitment.


This is your moment. You have the power to change + grow. It’s okay to be realistic + prioritize your new life — for example, if you *love* popcorn, maybe you always #treatyourself with a bag when you go to the movies. Find a balance you love + stick to it — only you know what works best for you. Create new routines ++ invite your friends along — instead of grabbing ice cream, suggest a bike ride to your local juice bar! A lifestyle change doesn’t have to feel like it inhibits your current habits.


Create goals that focus on the long term. This doesn’t mean that you have to develop goals that seem unattainable — for example, start with eliminating or decreasing your worst habit. Deciding that you’re going to give up soda + start drinking more water instead gives you the feeling of being in control of your new way of life from the get go. Recognizing that this lifestyle is a journey shouldn’t scare you — it should inspire you. By making decisions today that you thank yourself for tomorrow, you can always ensure that you’re getting better + better each day — it’s a marathon, not a sprint! ; )


The most important thing to remember is that [as in any long term goal] there will be ups + downs. This is a change that will follow the ebbs + flows of your life — that’s what is so amazing about a sustainable shift from your current way of life. Some days, you’ll fall off ++ that’s okay. This healthy decision allows for amazing life lessons that make the mistakes seem insignificant among your bigger victories. When you do find yourself wavering from your goal, you have the choice — am I going to slip for good, or move forward with my new, healthier mind + body?


You alone are on this path [with the support of the CHAARG community]. It is catered by you + for you. It is an amazing decision that you’re making ++ that’s the first step! Gather inspiration from others, but never compare —  little victories are still victories. Love yourself + the choices you make — good or bad. Recognize your faults while playing to your strengths! If you love trying new things, make it a point to try a new healthy recipe each week — instead of highlighting your fault of overeating. You *are* inspiring + unique — each CHAARG girl brings her own amazing story to the table. The next chapter in your story starts now — embrace it!


Slow down + enjoy the present — the present that you’re creating. Practice living with intention + focusing on being less reactive. Mindfully living creates a world where you love fueling your body + staying active to be the best you can be. What does success look like for you?


Find what works best for you — do your research + create a schedule you can adhere to. Lean on your CHAARG community for inspo + support ++ remember to envision your life — define what a healthy lifestyle means for *you*.

+Abigail [@abigail.inchaarg] // UK CHAARG


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