Embracing the CHAARG Community: Get The Most Out Of Your Membership

With Fall Semester officially in full swing + our lives becoming busier between schoolwork + other activities, many of you might be worried about how you can stay involved in CHAARG + get the most out of your membership. Most CHAARGies would agree that you get out of CHAARG what you put into it — the best way to get the most out of your CHAARG membership is to get as involved as possible. Here are a few ways you can get started + #CHAARGON!


An _inCHAARG insta is recommended since this is how we can all follow along with each other’s fitness journey + hold one another accountable! Your _inCHAARG insta is a place where you can post all things from sweat seshes, good eats, your daily life, + inspiring, positive vibes — your page will create a visual fitness journey that you can look back on through your years in CHAARG. Here is an example of an _inCHAARG Insta ; )


Set your alarms + get your planners ready — studio spotlights + small groups are events you won’t want to miss out on! Weekly workouts + small groups are a great way to get your sweat on + sample a new workout, while also being a great way to meet new friends + connect with other girls in your chapter! Small groups are a great way to build relationships with other CHAARGies, since you will see these girls on a weekly basis + have fun doing variety of activities from working out to social events like grabbing Sunday brunch < 3


Each semester, you can participate in CHAARG Nationals events such as #RunCHAARG, National Retreats, ++ most importantly, the FitPlans! FitPlans occur in the Fall, Spring, + Summer + are an optional fitness challenge limited to a select number of girls. Have you grabbed your spot for the CHAARG Fall FitPlan yet?! FitPlans are not only great for connecting with girls in your own chapter, but also for CHAARG girls nationally through the secret Facebook group [++ through your inCHAARG insta ; )]!


Browsing the CHAARG blog on the reg is a great way to keep up with things in the health//fitness world + the CHAARG community. The blog features content such as recipes, sweat seshes, Q+A with wellness gurus, ++  inspiring stories from our very own CHAARG girls. Since you’re already here, may as well stay awhile + explore ; ) Do you have any content you would love to see covered? Email media@chaarg.com!


One of the best parts of CHAARG is how it unites girls with a passion for health + fitness from a variety of backgrounds with many different interests. No matter your fitness level or past experiences with health + wellness, there’s a place for everyone in CHAARG < 3. A bolt babe is what we like call to our CHAARG besties. Your bolt babes can be considered your accountability partners, but they’re also so much more than just the girls you sweat with — they’re the ones you share your eats + treats with, that inspire you daily, ++ are always rooting for you. Attending CHAARG events [sweaty + social] throughout the semester, inviting girls on your chapter’s Facebook page to sweat with you, or simply messaging them on FB or DM-ing them on insta are just a few of our favorite ways to connect with girls in CHAARG!

Becoming involved with the CHAARG community can be extremely rewarding + life changing. Toward the end of the semester, you can find ways to get more involved, such as applying to be a part of the Exec Team// Small Group Coordinator or even applying to be a CHAARGtern [opportunities will be available in December!].

We’re always rooting for you +  can’t wait to see you flourish in the CHAARG community.

Your Bolt Babe,
+ Allison Tapocsi [@allison_inchaarg] // Kent State CHAARG

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