George Washington University CHAARG


Ambassador: Bayley Shanley
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #GWUCHAARG
Studio Spotlight Day + Time: Rotates between Mondays + Tuesday, 7:30PM + 8:30PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Fall 2015
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


Hi GW! My name is Bayley Shanley + I am the ambassador for GWU CHAARG! I am an advocate for the power of CHAARG + how it can make a huge influence in making your college experience a positive one like it did for me! To me + to many members of our GWU community, CHAARG is about more than just fitness + heath. The CHAARG community can help you to become the best version of yourself as you go through the ups + downs of college. If this sounds like the kind of community you want to be a part of, then join me + the rest of the GWU CHAARG community in creating a positive impact on the greater GW community through heath + wellness activities! I hope that through CHAARG you will learn to enjoy life by taking time to take care of yourself! If you are planning on or interested in joining us, we look forward to meeting you ++ reach out if you have ANY questions!

Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Bayley Shanley | VP Membership: Jenna Presta | VP Media: Colleen Fitzgerald | Event Coordinator: Erica Eckes | Event Coordinator: Monica Kavathekar | Secretary: Jessica Morlock | Treasurer: Shruti Bramadesam

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