Give Your Hair The TLC It Deserves With ‘Function of Beauty’

First off, we want to share that this post is not sponsored ; ). We wanted to share our experience with this brand!


We all have goals [big or small], but the avenues to achieve them are not always simple. However, the American-based brand, Function of Beauty, has come to make even small goals easier to obtain. Ever wanted stronger, more hydrated, or nourished hair, but struggled to find a shampoo + conditioner that gives noticeable results that align with those hair goals? Function of Beauty may be the brand to solve these problems! 


With 18 unique hair goals to choose from, Function of Beauty customizes their shampoo + conditioner to the specific hair type ++ needs of the customer! As they make every order special based off the customer’s hair quiz [which evaluates their hair style, type, and goals], Function of Beauty treats everyone’s hair uniquely; these products are even personalized down to the fragrance, color, + the customer’s name on the bottle. This brand not only has received genuinely impressive reviews from their customers, but it also stands out for their focus on being paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, vegan, + made in America!


Along with their personalized shampoo + conditioner, they have two other noteworthy products: purple shampoo + leave-in treatment. The purple shampoo works well for blonde, platinum, + grey color-treated hair as it combats brassiness, aka orange undertones that can appear. While the purple shampoo is made with this hair goal in mind, Function of Beauty still personalizes this product to other hair goals a customer may desire! Similarly, the leave-in treatment is a conditioning cream made to enhance the benefits of the personalized shampoo + conditioner a customer has ordered ++ can be applied to wet or dry hair! Their website even offers videos styling different hair types with this product!


Products like this seem too good to be true, but it truly can be made for everybody: straight, wavy, curly, + coily hair. It’s safe for women who are pregnant + all the products are gluten-free. From the hair quiz, Function of Beauty creates a formula made specifically for our needs with natural ingredients. The hair quiz consists of nine questions: hair type, hair structure, scalp moisture, hair goals [up to five], fragrance, fragrance strength, the name for the personalized bottle, then choosing the different colors for the shampoo + conditioner.

While Function of Beauty may not be as convenient as other brands that can be found at most stores since it has to be ordered online + is a bit pricier, it is worth it for a product that is created so personally ++ gives us noticable results we’re hoping for!

Have a favorite hair care brand in mind? Let us know what it is in the comments below : )!

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