4 Fruit-Infused Water Recipes

Hydration is so important for everyone — but extremely important when living a healthy//active lifestyle! Water has so many incredible benefits — but drinking plain water can get well… boring! On days that you crave something sweet, skip reaching for a soda + instead add different fruits//veggies to your *boring* water. It can instantly change your water into something delicious//sweet ++ contain even more benefits [+ without the added sugar!]. Infused water is a great way for those of us who try to get in our gallon a day to spice up our water + add a little ZING. We created some delicious recipes that will put you in the Spring Break mood + give you some great health benefits too!

The great thing about these recipes is that they are completely manipulative — if you like a more lemon flavor as opposed to cucumber then add more lemons! All of these recipes are relatively *instant* but the longer you let the water sit the more flavor it will have! My suggestions is to make a batch at night + drink the next morning to get optimum flavor! ++ fresh//frozen fruits work equally as well in all recipes ++ they are usually pretty cheap! : ) If you want to make a larger batch [maybe in a pitcher] be sure to double or triple the ingredients — the more flavor — the more benefits!


This drink is SO REFRESHING + is something you would drink at a fancy spa! The combination of flavor is crazy — + I don’t even like cucumber//lemon water all that much! Adding cucumber to your water is great for muscles because it contains silica — a mineral necessary to keep connective tissue healthy! ++ along with silica cucumbers also have antioxidants that help keep your skin clear//supple! By adding lemon to your water it help boost your immune system + is an excellent source of potassium + even aids in digestion!


For all my berry lovahs out there — this one’s for you! I made a batch of this a while back + left it in the fridge for a few days + it turned such a pretty color — I felt like I was drinking more of a cocktail than water! Berries are full of antioxidants which makes this recipe very beneficial — as well as delicious ; )  Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit. ++ with it’s high fiber content it aids against heart disease. Raspberries as well are high in antioxidants — they are also high in potassium that help maintain a healthy blood pressure + is full of many other essential vitamins//minerals!


This flavor was incredible + one I had honestly never thought to do before until now — I honestly think the mint has a huge part in making this so delicious! Blackberries are a great source of ellagic acid — antioxidant shown to protect the skin from damage from UV light + helps repair skin damaged by the sun [perfect for those long hours spent in the sun during Spring Break!]. Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant in blackberries + one cup of blackberries contains about half of the daily recommendation of vitamin C. Mint — like blueberries — has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. Mint is beneficial in helping with headaches + migraines + mental fatigue//stress. It is also effective when relieving sore throats, upset stomachs or indigestion!


THIS… is SPRING… in a jar! I can see myself now sitting under an umbrella sippin’ on this stuff! ++ the sliced grapefruit + orange makes this look so tropical! You know from the other recipes that bluebs are awesome — but grapefruit + oranges are also great additions to water! Both are rich in Vitamin C that can help when you’re feeling sick. Both grapefruit + oranges are high in antioxidants + great for skin health! Grapefruit also helps with weight loss by boosting insulin levels which then affect metabolic rates! So drink up!

Stay hydrated + drink up y’all! xo, Morgan [@morgsimp_inchaarg], LSU CHAARG


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