From The CHAARG Community: What’s The Next Step In Your Relationship With Your Body?

A major component of the CHAARG Tour was our Body Positivity Workshop. There are so many direction to go when it comes to “body positivity,” but for this workshop, our intentions were to…

#1] Understand our community’s body image — ps: listen to our podcast episode on body image if you haven’t done so already!

#2] Spread awareness to the fact that you are not alone in your struggles… past or current

#3] It is possible to have a loving, supportive relationship with your body

About half of the room stood up when we called out the statement:  “I am proud of my body.” Even less stood up for: “I love my body.” ++ barely 20% stood up for: “I like the way my body looks.” A CHAARG girl said: “The amount of girls who felt the same way I do is comforting… yet very sad.” Another CHAARG girl said: “Body hate + poor self-image are too common + normalized. It’s time to change that.”

Our hope is that eventually every CHAARG girl can proudly stand up + say: I AM PROUD OF MY BODY! I LOVE MY BODY!

We know that there is not a magic pill for *instantaneous self-love,* but it is possible to take one step forward to having a more loving, supportive relationship with your body. So we asked the girls who attended…. What is your “next right step” in your relationship with your body? Here’s what they said!

.     .     .

@anna_in.chaarg: Acknowledging one amazing that that it does for me at the end of every single day!

@yeeitslauren: Actually scheduling appts! I want to start going to PT for preventative measures!

@dani_inchaarg5: Putting more work into loving my body instead of feeling like I need to change it

@helens_inchaarg: I will not hold myself to other people’s standards

@madhura_inchaarg: Being kind to myself + complimenting myself

@audreyadelle_: Listen to more CHAARG podcasts. They always make me feel better about myself!

@danii.inchaarg: For every negative comment I make about myself, I want to match it with a positive one

@juliagalovan: Worrying less about how I LOOK + more about how I FEEL

@evz_inchaarg: Accepting that I am not + do not have to be the girl I was in high school

@marj_inchaarg: Sharing on my #inCHAARG insta story everyday something I love about my body

@aviannainchaarg: To be more thankful for its function first!

@sarahmmm_inchaarg: Getting rid of clothes that make me feel “fat.” I don’t need that negativity in my closet 

@kylien_inchaarg: Listen to my inner friend not inner critic!

@grace.b_inchaarg: Taking more towel time

@carolineec_inchaarg: To say “I love you” to myself + body in the mirror EVERY day 

.     .      .

Didn’t attend the tour, but want to reflect on this? Ask yourself: What does your current relationship with your body look like? What is one step that I can take to have a more loving relationship with my body?

Rooting for you always!

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