Five Drinks To Turn Things Up This Winter

As the weather gets colder, we tend to crave hot drinks. Whether it be coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, it’s nice to curl up with a steaming beverage + warm up. However, the simplicity of coffee or tea can get boring, increasing the cravings for something new. Here is a list of five hot drinks [that aren’t too sugary ; ) ] to try this February + help diversify your beverage portfolio!


Mushroom hot chocolate is a fascinating new trend that will certainly spice up your drink repertoire. It has a strong, bitter, tree bark taste. The makers actually recommend that you drink it with honey or almond milk, but don’t let that discourage you! The science on the mushrooms used for this hot chocolate [reishi mushrooms] is still being researched, but it is claimed that it can help regulate sleep cycles + increase blood vessel growth. Unfortunately, this unique drink is hard to find in stores, but it is sold online.


Dandelion tea is a dark + strong tea packed with earthy flavor. The strong taste is similar to that of strong black tea or weak coffee. Along with the pleasant flavor, dandelion tea contains many benefits. Although the science is still in the works, it is said that dandelions are anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory foods are helpful for the fight against many diseases. Additionally, for anyone like me, anti-inflammatory food is primarily exciting due to its ability to reduce acne! Along with the power to fight acne, dandelion tea helps fight the flu. This tea is available online, or at most local health-food stores. Check out this blog about the benefits of ten other teas!


Herbal coffee is most commonly made with chicory, a plant in the same family as dandelions, but is stronger than dandelion tea — being closer to black coffee than black tea. The strong flavor makes it a wonderful substitute for regular coffee, with some extra health benefits! Similar to dandelion tea, chicory herbal coffee is an anti-inflammatory food + is shown to stabilize blood sugar. This drink is available at most local health-food stores, or online here. For more coffee alternatives, check out this blog.


Russian tea is the sweetest option on this list! A combination of lemon, tea, cloves, cinnamon, and orange, Russian tea is a wonderful concoction with just the right amount of sweet + sour. Although there are not as many health benefits to this drink as the other options listed, the sugar content is lower than that of a specialty drink from a coffee shop. The easiest way to get Russian tea is to make it yourself. Mix: one cup of unflavored tea, one teaspoon ground cinnamon, half a teaspoon of ground cloves, juice from one fresh orange, juice from one fresh lemon, and half a cup of sugar. Then, mix two tablespoons of this creation with one cup of boiling water + enjoy!


Plain, simple, + easy to drink! Simply squeeze lemon juice into hot water + add a fresh lemon slice. This refreshing drink will aid in hydration + pH balance, while also supplying vitamin C to help your immune system. Keep lemons in your fridge + drink this as frequently as you’d like! For more information on hot lemon water, check out this blog by Alex Mazzurco, one of our leaders during the Body Positivity Challenge this month!

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