When Fitspo Can Be Harmful: Taking Fitness *Advice* With A Grain Of Salt

Social media can be an amazing tool to discover new products, connect with people with similar goals + find new #CHAARGEats//products//anything to try. Following fitness + health accounts [especially the CHAARG community ; )] can give you the motivation you need to hold yourself accountable + give you extra inspo from your followers, but they can also give high expectations + unattainable goals. Here are some things to stay mindful of while on the internet:


Instagram + social media are great places to find motivation + share your own progress//life updates with the world, but sometimes your feed can give you unrealistic views of what your life *should* be. When scrolling through your feed, try not to compare yourself to what others post — people often only showcase their best moments +  you aren’t getting the full picture.

It can be intimidating to share your own real pictures, but it can be so rewarding. You’d be surprised with the amount of support + advice you receive from girls going through similar things as you — remember, you would will connect with other girls so much more closely if you post + share your *true* self + struggles [THE REAL YOU >]. 


Blogs are another awesome way to keep up with health + wellness trends, but not every blogger is a professional in the field of their blog, so it’s important to be mindful of what you are reading. Always be sure to check the info written has sources, is credible, + can be backed up by studies//reviews!

Recommendations for specific products may be endorsed + are not *always* that person’s honest opinion [sponsored posts should always have #ad or #sponsored in the captions or articles] — do your research before buying any products you’ve read about or saw online. Some tips on researching products for honest reviews can be searching through the hashtag of that product on insta + seeing what others are saying about it [look out for the #ad]. Also, you can ask the CHAARG community on Facebook or your own insta account!


You’ve probably seen countless fitness influencers creating their own meal plans or coming out with their own books of how they live a healthy lifestyle. While this lifestyle or meal plan works for them, they are not a one size fits all plan + probably shouldn’t be followed to a t. A registered dietician or nutritionist will be able to give you the best meal plan for your body’s specific needs, so make sure you consult your doctor before buying into these plans [literally!].


Asking for advice from fellow CHAARGies//followers about supplements or vitamins can give you a great starting point into your research. Before starting any new supplements or vitamins though, always consult your doctor to see if your body is actually in need of them. No two bodies are the same, so vitamin deficiencies are different for everyone — you may be surprised to find how many vitamins you’re actually getting from your foods + find that vitamins may not be necessary. Save your money + consult a physician first.

With new meals plans // supplement regimen // or exercise routines, always make sure to do your research + consult a professional before starting anything. Social media can be great to find new products or get advice from people, but remember, anyone can give their opinion on social media which can lead to misinformation.

Take social media + advice with a grain of salt + remember, you’re not always seeing the full story. Be mindful in what you’re taking in + do your own research. ++ Remember, do not compare your journey to other people’s *highlight reel*.

++ Ashleigh B. [Ashleigh_inchaarg] // Pitt CHAARG

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