YOU’RE +INCHAARG – We know you’re crazy busy, + that fitness can easily become the last priority on your list. But, we also know that by showing up for yourself every day + giving your body some sweat + TLC, you’ll create a positive impact on not only your health, but your life. We want to make it easy for you by giving you the tools on all things wellness [workouts, yoga//stretching, morning routines, journaling prompts, recipes, + tons of daily inspo!], so that you can experience the positive CHAARG every day… heck, every moment ; )

What girls are saying about the CHAARG FitPlan

"Before the FitPlan, I would have defined a healthy lifestyle as working out every day + eating super healthy. Now I define it as: working out while listening to your body on what it needs, eating healthy ((but it’s ok to eat pizza + ice cream when you want)) + supporting other women to do the same." - Allison, #OUCHAARG
"I think it’s important for me to say that when I started the CHAARG FitPlan, I told CHAARG that my goal was to lose weight, which I did not remember until receiving the halfway email from SJ. I forgot I had even chosen this as my goal because I soon after changed my goal wanting to feel happy, healthy, + improve my run time." - Andrea, #AuburnCHAARG
"My favorite part of the FitPlan was that every morning a new workout came to my phone. I used to hate going to the gym because I had no idea what to do + was unsure of which machines worked out a specific muscle. It was complicated + I was not confident in going. The FitPlan workouts came to my phone + they were so easy to understand!" - Brooke, #UCFCHAARG
"The newfound confidence I began to gain helped me become a better version of myself. If I had to describe this FitPlan in one word, I would say: inspiring." - Ayana, #PITTCHAARG
"I made the most out of the CHAARG FitPlan by being active on social media + following girls who are too! When I posted about my workouts + see all of the CHAARG girls like//comment on my pictures, it makes me feel so much better about myself + inspired!" - Emily, #WCUPACHAARG
"I love completing the workouts with other girls in my Chapter, so I always try to reach out + ask others to meet up! I did this a few times during the FitPlan + I’ve become good friends with the girls I met up with!" - Hannah, #OUCHAARG


1] Feel strong + HAVE FUN in every workout : )

2] Complete a fitness routine that fits into your busy schedule

[45 minutes, + modification for you to do the workouts at home!]

3] Release the stress of not knowing what to do in the gym +

how to use equipment

4] Try nourishing recipes for your body + soul

5] Wake up feeling excited//energized + end your day feeling grateful

6] Embody your confident, beautiful, authentic self…

discover your love for your body!

7] Connect with incredible women in your community +

across the nation

8] Become inspired to continue living a life rooted in wellness long

after this program is over



  • FitPlan Prep Pack
  • Wellness Vision Guide
  • 35 Sweat Seshes On
  • +INCHAARG Tank Top ((*If You Grab The Bundle!))
  • 10 Recipes To Nourish Your Body
  • Daily//Weekly Motivational Newsletters ((Your Choice!))
  • FitPlan Planner PDF + Master Checklist To Stay On Track
  • Private Facebook Group Connecting The Community
  • Motivation + Support From 1,000+ Women

What is the chaarg fitplan?

The CHAARG FitPlan is a virtual, interactive wellness program. Our mission is to give you the tools to create a workout routine, while gaining confidence [+ muscle ; )] in the process.

You’ll be motivated by +  connected to the 1000+ women across the country who will be completing this program at the same time as you!

Count me in — how do I sign up?!

You can grab your spot for the CHAARG FitPlan for $45 — or, you can grab the CHAARG FitPlan Bundle [deets below!]. The last day of registration is Friday, October 5!

You’ll receive a Welcome Email within 48 hours of registering, ++ your FitPlan Prep Pack on Monday, October 7!

Win a free chaarg fitplan!

Make sure to head to our Instagram + tag a friend on our giveaway post!

Grab the CHAARG Fitplan bundle!


— The Fitplan, of course! [$45]

— +inchaarg tank [$28]

— CHAARG FItplan sticker [$5]

(($59 for a $78 value!))


We’ve got a surprise for ya… we’re going on tour!


We want to host a National CHAARG event on your campus!

We’ll be going to 5 different CHAARG Chapters//cities this Spring to host CHAARG events.

The Chapters with the most members to sign up for the fitplan will be chosen as one of our CHAARG Tour cities — grab your spot + win a stop on the CHAARG Tour!


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Join 1000+ girls from across the country

((+ in your chaarg chapter!))

Connect with us on insta using #CHAARGFITPLAN

We’re girls who…

+ embrace the sweaty selfie ((+love the messy bun life))

+ Aren’t afraid to grab the heavier set of weights

+ Know how to treat ourselves


+ Celebrate our ups + learn from our downs

+ radiate positive vibes

+ See the beauty in each other