Fitness Youtubers We Love

When the gym gets super packed, instead of struggling to find an open machine + enough space to do a proper squat — check out these awesome fitness YouTubers, with videos you can do from home!

Cassey Ho of Blogilates

Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor + the creator of POP Pilates — her fitness channel, Blogilates, has over 500 million video views ++ 4 million subscribers. Cassey’s videos range from 5 minutes to full-length 30-minute workouts. Every month, she creates a workout calendar that has specific videos to do each day, focusing on a different body part every day of the week. Her videos are filled with pop music +  pilates moves that will leave you sweating. She also does occasional monthly challenges such as the 100 squat challenge where she went live on Instagram to do 100 squats [with different squat variations] each day. Check out her channel or follow her on Insta, @blogilates.

Adriene of Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is the founder of Yoga with Adriene, an online yoga community with over 4 million subscribers. Her videos encourage you to *find what feels good* + welcomes all skill levels. Her practices vary from workouts that tone // trim or videos that simply focus on breathing + mindfulness. Adriene’s quirky personality makes it easy to fall in love with her videos + feel at home on the mat. Check out her channel or follow her on Instagram, @adrienelouise.

Amanda Russell

Amanda Russell is the founder of Fit, Strong, and Sexy. With a goofy personality + videos with titles such as, *The Coachella 5 Minute Hip and Butt Workout* she makes working out fun! Amanda’s videos are very similar to CHAARG workouts + occasionally follow the Tabata-style that we all know + love. Amanda understands the uniqueness of everyone’s relationship with their body +how hard it can often be to love your body. Her story about her fitness journey is truly inspiring– read about it on her website, or follow her on instagram @amandarussellfss.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is the founder of Sweat with Kayla +is co-founder of the Bikini Body Guides [you’ve probably heard of them as BBG!]. Over 40 million women follow Kayla’s workouts + view her videos. Her more recent youtube videos feature sweat seshes where Kayla demonstrates the moves + then leaves you to try it! After watching the video, the workout can be done solo so feel free to listen to music + just sweat it out. If you’re looking for more from Kayla, check out her app, Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness, look for her paid options like her 28 minute Bikini Body Guide workouts, or follow her on Instagram @kayla_itsines.

Emily Duncan

Emily Duncan is a bikini competitor, vlogger, nutrition coach ++ an undergraduate college student studying kinesiology. Emily takes a unique approach to fitness + gears her vlogs //  wellness advice towards young girls. In 2014, she coined the phrase, *Wonder Woman Mentality* which encompasses her perspective that young women should become their own wonder women. . Em Dunc, as she refers to herself on her youtube channel, is a fitness enthusiast + and self-proclaimed “weirdo” ++ she encourages everyone to find what makes them strong + become their own superhero Check out her channel or follow her on Instagram @emilyduncanfitness.

These fantastic women make great in-home workout partners! Their insight +workouts are sure to motivate you. Check them out, give them a follow, ++  let us know your favorite fitness blogger on your _inCHAARG Instagram.

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