10 Health + Fitness Myths You Might Believe

There are SO many misconceptions about what to + not to do to improve your health + fitness. Untrustworthy articles flood the internet, often trying to get you to buy a certain product by spreading false information. Many myths about health + fitness start from a slight truth + transform into something completely different. To set the facts straight, we’ve compiled 10 top health + fitness myths you should stop believing —

#1] Targeting a certain body part will help you lose weight just in that area // This is a very common assumption that just isn’t true — although it might make logical sense! A study published in the Journal of Strength + Conditioning Research found that while working out can decrease your overall body fat percentage, you can not choose where the weight loss comes from.

#2] Intense stretching before a workout // Did you know that stretching too much before a workout can actually mess with your muscles, according to a new study? Stretching loosens your tendons + can make muscles feel weak — not something you want before a workout! Instead, try an active stretch, like walking, before a workout. Also, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to warm up before amping up your workout.

#3] A detox will help you tone up // Long detoxes can actually slow down your metabolism + once you start eating normally again, your body will have trouble maintaining its natural balance. Although detoxes can be helpful in certain situations, such as for intolerance discoveries [for short durations], it is important to do all your research beforehand. Consistent, healthy food choices will always be best for you long term.

#4] No pain, no gain // Exercise is supposed to be challenging so a little discomfort is totally okay! As soon as you feel any sharp pains or severe soreness though, you should stop + even see a doctor! Using proper form + safety measures while working out is the best way to avoid injury. Stretching after each workout, hydrating throughout the day + fueling up are also crucial to keeping your body healthy while getting fit!

#5] Want a six-pack? Crunches are the way to go // If you really want those dreamy abs [which you are totally beautiful + strong without as well ; )], vary your ab exercises instead of doing a million crunches! Be sure to hit different sides of your abs with planks, bicycles, etc to see results. Ever heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”? Turns out, that saying holds some truth to. To see the best results, make sure that your diet aligns with your gym routine to get those dream abs.

#6] If you’re not sore, you didn’t work out hard enough // Many people associate soreness with being out of shape or that you got in a good workout. Truth is — strong people get sore too! In addition, soreness means that the larger muscles in your body were actually overworked. Soreness may also be a sign that cross-training + switching up your workouts is needed, or that you are not using your smaller, supporting muscles [like your core!] enough to help your larger muscles work.

#7] Lifting heavy will bulk you up // This is a very common misconception that keeps women away from the weight section of the gym — but it shouldn’t stop you! In fact, lifting heavy can actually tone your muscles + burn nearly twice as many calories, according to a study in Medicine + Science in Sports + Exercise. Learn more in our blog post about what exactly your workouts do for you!

#8] Sports drinks are the ultimate way to hydration + recovery // Most sports drinks consist of two main things — sugar + water. Ditch the sports drink + opt for straight-up water ++ a protein-filled snack instead. Nuun also offers ~amazing~ hydration products!

#9] You should not workout when you’re sick // Unless you have a fever or chest congestion//indigestion, you are probably okay! Stuffy noses + sore throats are most likely fine to workout with, but consider a low-impact workout that day if you’re feeling unsure. If you feel worse while working out though, stop immediately or consult your doc. Rule of thumb — listen to your body!

#10] Walking is not beneficial exercise // Since running + walking target the same muscle groups, their benefits are actually very similar! Studies have shown that walking for 30 minutes each day can improve your overall health. Plus, going on a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to relieve some stress + get some fresh air!

Did you believe any of these health + fitness myths? Hear your friends repeating them? Set the record straight + share which of these you didn’t know in the comments!

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