Finding Your *Flow Profile*

Last week, I took a “Flow Profile” test [take yours here!] + by [absolutely no] surprise — my profile was: Flow Goer.

Out of all the possible Flow Profiles, yours is the most freely flowing! We don’t mean that you necessarily have readier access to the Flow State than anyone else. Your life, your attitude, your activities, + even your appearance all reinforce the fact that being in Flow is central to who you are as a person. You’ve done your fair share of soul-searching to arrive here. You may have taken the road less traveled. You might have abandoned what you perceived to be a fruitless + neverending struggle for wealth + recognition in favor of a personal journey you designed for yourself. You seek a life that is never not in flow. You might believe in serendipity, synchronicity, + that everything happens for a reason. You’re drawn to activities such as yoga, meditation, + ecstatic dance. You might pursue eco-tourism, or embark on personal growth retreats.

You’re drawn to activities such as yoga, meditation, + ecstatic dance. You might pursue eco-tourism, or embark on personal growth retreats.>> This is my life! Maybe not so much the ecstatic dance… aha, but in my dreams, for sure.

Sounds awesome, right? Yay for flow! BUT, here’s the catch:

In your effort to minimize struggle, conflict, + stress in your life, it’s possible to overshoot + to also minimize progress. It’s grit that makes a pearl, after all. The paradox of flow is that “effortless effort” takes a lot of work! Always keep in mind that the line between “going with the flow” — only doing things when they’re effortless + easy, always taking the path of least resistance — ++ only doing easy things is razor thin.

That’s when I started to seriously question if I was challenging myself enough. Am I being too safe//comfortable? Am I avoiding anything that’s uncomfortable because I just want to be calm + in *flow* all the time? One of my greatest fears is staying stagnant, so this terrified me that I could be unknowingly denying myself growth.

The *Pro Tip* that they give Flow Goers is this:

Train your off-side. Make your bed every morning. Be impeccable with your commitments. Be punctual. Create systems for accomplishing tasks + managing finances + stick to them. You’ve worked hard to create a lifestyle around Flow, ++, counterintuitively, you’ll find even more Flow in your life by facing the more difficult parts of your life head on. Practice having important conversations. Get comfortable with conflict resolution. Closing the open loops in your life will allow for [even more] bliss.

So, for all my fellow Flow Goers, here are my tips for you…


I’ve done this 4/7 times in the past few weeks… better than the 0/7 for the best 26 years haha. There’s something to be said about jumping into a nicely made bed at night. Also — GET TONS OF PILLOWS! It will make you want to make your bed, because it’s just so freaking pretty + zen-like. #TheLittleThings


I started this last Monday ++ now I have 70 new CHAARG ideas ; ). I got this idea from James [read more here] — it’s challenging + fun + uses your creativity muscle… plus, chances are you are going to want to act on one of your ideas — which means GROWTH!


Creating a morning routine is going to be fun for you… but, make sure you commit to it. Ideas for a morning routine: meditate, gather your favorite quotes + journal on 1–3 per day, read a book + pull out any verses you like, journal on any random thoughts//prayers//intentions that arise, write out 3–5 priorities for the day [this will help with your commitment], + create a daily mantra. First, get your morning routine down… ++ then start creating other *systems* in your life.


Most of the times we aren’t stressed — we are scared. As Tony Robbins’ says: *Stressed* is the achiever word for *fear*.


To be a beginner is a humbling + beautiful opportunity for growth. I have so much more to say about this [it deserves it’s own post!] — but, take some time to think about areas in your life [think *skills*] that you want to improve on [or learn!]… it’s amazing how many resources are online. Let Google be your friend! : ) Take 30 minutes to an hour a day to practice this skill… ++ remember: “Incremental daily progress [negative or positive] is what actually causes transformation.” According to 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader this is how you should focus your time//energy — 70% on strengths, 25% on new things [related to your strengths!], + 5% on areas of weakness.

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