With busy summer schedules, sometimes getting a sweat sesh in can fall lower on the priority list. However, working out after work can help you de-stress post work, refocus on the tasks ahead, + energize your body as you tackle your next project! Here are our top 5 tips for *finding your fit* after 5PM!

#1] SCHEDULE SCHEDULE SCHEDULE — Planning out your sweat sesh in advance will help you stay accountable + on track! Try to schedule your workouts for the week in advance so that you can plan accordingly + work around those commitments!

#2] FIND A FRIEND — Finding a friend will help you stay accountable + on track! [+ it’s more fun with a friend!] Having a workout buddy helps you stay motivated, positive + inspired — use the CHAARG Grad member map to find CHAARG girls in your city : ) 

#3] FUEL YOURSELF — Make sure that you are fueling your body with enough food + water throughout the day! Keeping healthy snacks + plenty of water around can help you stay full + focused! Come workout time, you want to have the energy to push though + be your best! Try this Brownie Batter Protein Bite recipe from the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP to snack on before + after your sweat sesh. 

#4] SNEAK IT IN — Who says you have to hit the gym in order to get a workout in? Incorporating fitness into your day can have the same effect! Use your lunch break to go on a walk, jump into a nearby class or even just move around the office! Use those extra minutes to move your body. 

#5] FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE — More than anything, we want you to find a workout that makes you feel GOOD! Don’t be afraid to look around + try different workouts before committing! [Most studios have first-time discounts + promotions!] What is your fav sweat sesh? Share with us in the FB group ++ get suggestions from other #CHAARGGrad members!

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