Find Your Zen: 3 Meditation Practices For Beginners

As the semester begins to feel like it’s dragging, you might be overwhelmed with the stress of finals, projects or thoughts of the holiday season. Enough with sleepless nights filled with thoughts of your to-do list — it’s time to ditch that stress + trade it for your breath.

Yoga + meditation are two practices that will help you trade the end of semester blues for a rejuvenated you. Meditation, if you can dedicate 10 minutes per day, can help you on your journey to find balance + #PositiveVibes in your everyday life. Below there are 3 types of meditation for beginners listed — check out which type sounds best for you + begin exhaling stress//negativity + inhaling positivity.


Seated meditation is all about comfort. Whether you prefer sitting on the floor with legs long, cross legged or seated in a chair, you are still able to get the most out of your meditative practice. When you begin meditating in this position it may take sometime to nail down exactly what you need to do to focus your mind + you’re your thoughts, but the longer you practice the better you will become. This position is challenging if you don’t like to sit still for long, but once you can get comfortable seated meditation can bring tranquility + balance to your hectic lifestyle.


My personal favorite, walking meditation, is great for high energy, restless type of people. This practice is best for people who cannot seem to get comfortable in a seated meditation, but for some, the environmental distractions can overtake your mind. When practicing walking meditation be mindful of each step you take + your breath. Listening to slow meditative music, like waves crashing, can help you bring your attention to your breath. If you catch your mind wandering, try to refocus on each step you take or every inhale + exhale. This will make you present in the moment + will calm your thoughts.


Headspace [CHECK IT OUT HERE] is a free guided meditation application you can download right to your smartphone. It’s literally a gym membership for your mind  + you feel instantly better after the 10 minutes! When you download it, it will prompt you to commit to 10 minutes of meditation for 10 days. Throughout the 10 days it will take you through the basics of meditation + at the end of the 10 days you can either subscribe to gain hours of Headspace meditation material, or you will have gained a great starting place to continue your self-guided practice.

Meditation is about connecting your mind + body for as little as 10 minutes — bringing your wandering mind to a halt + allowing your mind to restore itself for absolute clarity. Many fitness gurus, celebrities + *real* college-aged CHAARGies who practice daily mediation have said that meditation allows them to find a balanced place in their everyday lives, which can be hard to do when you have a full plate. It’s also said to help release stress + allow your mind to focus on the positivity in your life. With those benefits alone it is worth your 10 minutes per day to start your meditation journey to a stress free you. At first you may not experience total results, but the more regularly you practice the better you will become at allowing your mind to relax. *Quiet the mind + the soul will speak*.

+Delaney [@delaney_inchaarg] // UC CHAARG

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