How to Find Your Yoga Flow at Home

One of the amazing things about CHAARG [+ FitPlans like the #CHAARG35!] is how each of us has the opportunity to find our fit, even if we can’t make it to the gym! It can be difficult to make it the gym every single day when we’re often crazy busy, so at-home workouts can be the perfect way to get in your sweat sesh while still watching the clock. Finding your flow with yoga is a huge part of many fitness journeys, but sometimes time + money can hold us back from heading to the nearest yoga class.

++ While it’s much easier to practice yoga with an instructor helping you along, practicing yoga at home can help you better find what suits you + teach you something fun along the way! So now the question is – where do you begin with at-home yoga?


Like any other part of a fitness journey, the best thing to do is start simple! Find a few yoga poses that feel comfortable + help you feel relaxed. Simple moves can help you learn what works best for your body, so as you move onto a more complex routine, you’ll have an idea of what moves work best for your body! More basic moves also take less thought, which allows you to focus on what you’re feeling both physically + emotionally. Focusing on those feelings allows you to understand where you want each practice to go with intentions + movement!


2018 is the year of intentions [++ CHAARG ; )]! Setting an intention can help you focus on exactly what emotional aspect you want to get out of each practice + reach your goals. Your intention can be something different each time, or you can stick to the same intention every day + work toward it more + more! Here are a few examples of our fave intentions — gratitude, forgiveness, + guidance. Whether you choose one to focus on or combine multiple, the idea of an intention is to help you find a center of peace + make the most out of your practice!


Just like with our other sweat seshes, setting aside a time + place to practice each day is so important! Whether you want to practice once or twice a week or every day, finding a quiet place to practice + setting a specific time will help you stay focused + carry through with your routine. Maybe it’s a corner in your bedroom or out in the sunlight by your living room window, but wherever it may be, having a quiet spot to practice whenever you want can motivate you to want to keep up with it! ++ Don’t forget that each practice may vary from the next, so set aside enough time to complete a session you feel happy about!


Listening to your body is the BEST thing you can do in any fitness journey! Your body knows what it needs, so as you begin each session take some time to listen to what you need + run with it. Every yoga practice will look different depending on what you want//need for that day, so don’t stress about what you think yoga should look like! Your session for the day is uniquely yours when you practice at home, so don’t be afraid to try something new or take a step back for a day. Take a deep breath + do what feels right!

So next time you want to get in a yoga sesh but can’t make it to that class, don’t be afraid to grab your mat + practice right at home! Don’t forget to check out So, What’s It Really Like To Be A CHAARG Ambassador on The CHAARG Podcast to hear more getting into yoga + check out Alissa Becker’s [@alpalbecker] yoga flow on Youtube here!

+Beth [bethb_inchaarg] // GVSU CHAARG

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