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If you think masks are just an overrated beauty trend or a luxurious treat, it’s time to refresh your beauty routine. No one has time for an extensive or costly beauty routine, so aside from the fact they feel amazing — maks treatments are an easy addition to your skincare routine + can be inexpensive! Oh, ++ did we mention they can transform your skin? ; )

Thanks to the countless types of mask treatments available, this beauty staple is far more than a luxury, but they can actually improve your skin health. The key lies in finding the correct type of mask to suit your complexion. Whether you have super sensitive skin or your skin is major need of a hydration boost, we’ve sharing the things to look for to treat your specific skin type. ++ If DIY beauty remedies are more your speed, no worries — we’ve got you covered too.


When your skin feels red or irritated it can be tempting to avoid skin care products all together, but a calming mask can be the perfect solution to help you find relief! Whether your skin is naturally sensitive of it’s feeling irritated from the elements [sun//windburn], a calming mask with ingredients like oatmeal, aloe, turmeric, green tea can soothe your skin. Avoid products with alcohol + fragrances, as these can cause further irritation. Try our DIY Brightening Face Mask.


The name says it all — combination skin can be tricky because you’re facing multiple skin challenges at once. It’s common for people with combination skin to have dry cheeks, but an oily *T-zone* [the area around your nose + mouth, as well as your chin + forehead]. Luckily, because this skin type is so common there are many mask treatments that will work! You’re easiest solution is to stick to sheet masks, since they’re single use you aren’t committing to buying a large tube of a single product that’ll simply sit around. Using sheet masks will allow you to frequently  switch up between hydrating or cleansing products to suit your skin needs.


We don’t like to admit it, but clogged pores + acne sometimes feel like unavoidable consequences of frequent trips to the gym. Your skin doesn’t have to suffer as a result of your sweat seshes, acne prone skin is sensitive in it’s own right ++ it just needs some special attention. If you’re prone to getting acne, your skin might overreact to an unbalanced moisture level — meaning *deep cleaning* or *oil stripping* products may actually do more harm than good! Activated charcoal, mud, or clay masks are great for absorbing excess oil + softening the skin, without completely stripping your face of the oils needed to keep your skin hydrated. One our fav detoxifying charcoal mud masks contains salicylic acid — Yes To no more sweat-induced breakouts!


Dry skin seems to just come with the territory of winter, but there are plenty of ways to combat the winter dryness! Masks with rich ingredients like antioxidants, nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, or aloe can give your skin a much needed hydration boost.


Strange enough, oily skin is a common symptom of not moisturizing the skin enough. This skin type may also be the result of stripping away too much oil from the skin, causing the body to overcompensate by producing excess oil. The solution — a mask that will remove excess oil, but will leave your skin feeling hydrated + moisture balanced. Look for products with both gentle oils, like tea tree oil or jojoba, + clay or mud to help balance out the skin.


Whether your skin is in need of some emergency nourishment or your prefer DIY all natural beauty products, you can still enjoy the benefits of mask treatments. You can create a mask for those *quick fix* situations with just two ingredients — simply combine one avocado + 1 tsp of flax seed. Spread the mask over your skin + let set for 15-20 mins, rinse + enjoy the benefits of instantly hydration + nourished skin.  

++ Teresa

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