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Finances aren’t usually a popular topic among women. However, we have a big stake in our financial situations + should feel empowered about our finances. A lot of us are in some form of college debt [+ stressing about paying it back] while simultaneously trying to budget our lives.

In the past, men were the breadwinners of families + women didn’t need to//weren’t allowed to be involved with finances. However, times have changed + it’s time we discuss + learn about managing our money + attaining financial success. In college, finances aren’t discussed unless your major//minor is in some area of business. But college classes aren’t the only source of information! We’re sharing four podcasts which aim to empower women financially + provide tons of information so we can make informed decisions. But first, let’s talk about why finances aren’t a big topic among women.

As women, we often underestimate our abilities fearing that we aren’t good enough + lacking confidence when diving into a new area. Since finances tend to be a foreign topic to many, taking the first step can be intimidating. However, when we do partake in financial activities, we’re pretty good at it! A study done by Fidelity, found that women earn higher returns on their investments + have greater annual savings rates than men. We’re perfectly capable of managing our own finances + being successful, we just need the confidence to start!

In addition to the podcasts we’re about to dive into, check out Ellevest — an investment platform designed for women by women. We recommend doing your own research to determine if it’s a good fit for you, but we love founder + CEO, Sallie Krawcheck’s, mission!

#1] Clever Girls Know

The Clever Girls Know podcast is one of the many resources provided by Clever Girl Finance! Bola Sokunbi, Certified Financial Education Instructor, money expert, founder ++ CEO of Clever Girl Finance, aims “to help women become accountable, ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.”

With 106 episodes, Bola provides an abundance of information to help women with their finances. We recommend tuning into episode 12 — “Why I Started Clever Girl Finance + Why Women Need to Prioritize Their Finances.” In this episode, Bola elaborates on the importance of being able to stand on your own financially.

This is your go-to podcast if you want to learn about:

  • Budgeting + Saving
  • Business Tips
  • Mindset + Motivation
  • Dealing with Debt

#2] So Money

The So Money podcast is a top winning podcast produced by Farnoosh Torabi, bestselling author, television host, + financial strategist. We know seeing 860 episodes is overwhelming! We can’t even imagine having that many episodes of the CHAARG podcast yet. But don’t be alarmed, Torabi breaks them all into categories so you can easily access the ones which interest you! Each episode is 30 minutes or less — perfect for a break in between classes or a shorter drive.

This is your go-to podcast if you want to hear from:

  • Top business minds
  • Authors
  • Influencers

#3] The Wander Wealthy Podcast

The Wander Wealthy Podcast is one part of Tess Wicks’ Wander Wealthy educational platform + community designed for women. Tess is a financial coach for women in their 20s + 30s providing them advice on all things personal development, goal setting, ++ finances! On the pod, she does solo shows + features guests. One of her most recent episodes, “Earning More and Feeling Great About It With Kathlyn Hart,” is amazing! It focuses on negotiating + as Kathlyn puts it, owning “your badassity” [love that!].

This is your go-to podcast if you want to:

  • Learn about dealing with debt
  • Set financial goals + plan
  • Have money to travel
  • Listen to a younger + fun vibe

#4] Work Your Wealth

The Work Your Wealth podcast is one resource provided by Workable Wealth. CEO, founder, + financial planner Mary Beth Storjohann works to provide her audience confidence, clarity, + education surrounding finances! We recommend checking out episode four — “7 Money Beliefs Holding You Back.” She dives into different money mindsets which hinder our financial growth.

This is your go-to podcast if you want:

  • To learn how to manage financial anxiety
  • Business owning tips
  • Personal growth assistance

Each of these podcasts has its own way of providing financial advice, but they all aim to enhance the listener’s financial knowledge. A great way to gain more confidence in the financial side of your life + learn how to make bigger moves with your money is to dive into these resources! Take CHAARG + prepare yourself for a successful future! If you love one of these podcasts [or one we didn’t mention], share with us in the comments : )

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