5 Tips to Feel Confident in The Weight Room

Do you avoid the weight room? Or maybe you go… but stay put in the corner with a set of dumbbells? We totally understand if you’re a tad uncomfortable at first! It can be known to have the reputation of being full of men, unfamiliar equipment, + heavy weights. Well, it’s time to get yourself into the mix because the weight room can be a fun + effective place to workout : ). Here are 5 tips on how to learn about the weight room + always enter with confidence!

#1] Familiarize Yourself With the Equipment

A big reason that we tend to fear the weight room is not wanting to mess up or look like we don’t belong. The best way to combat this fear is by learning about the equipment: where it is in your gym, how to use it, + what it does for you. Start off by figuring out where the major pieces are such as the free weights, matts, barbells, kettle bells + any other accessories your gym may have.

While you can learn some exercises online [our YouTube channel has tons of dumbbell + booty band exercises!], you will have to go in to learn how most of the machines work. All of the machines should have pictures + instructions on them explaining how to use them. Don’t be afraid to give these a glance. If this makes you uncomfortable, try going at an off-peak time, or bring a friend!

Another great resource that we often forget about is the trainers + employees out on the floor! Never hesitate to ask them to explain the equipment, help you adjust it to the appropriate height, or show you a demo. They’ll likely be more than happy to do so!

Remember that everyone is focused on getting a good workout + they are not paying as much attention to you as you think! So go in with your head high + do what you need to do!

#2] Dress Your Best

This may seem odd given that you are going to the gym. What we mean by this is that you’ll likely feel more confident if your wearing your favorite leggings than if you go in a baggy t-shirt from middle school ; ). So go ahead + splurge on that matching sports bra + tank top if it will make you feel confident at the gym ; ). Of course, if you’re most comfortable working out in a big t-shirt, do that! Just make sure it’s one that makes you happy. We’ve even rounded up some of our favorite budget friendly brands here! The CHAARG Shop is also one of our favorite spots to treat ourselves to new gear!

#3] Bring Your Headphones

If other people in a crowded gym are making you feel intimidated, then just tune them out! Put on your headphones, blast your favorite workout jams, + get to work! Your time at the gym is for you + only you, so don’t let others distract you from working your hardest.

#4] Go in With a Plan

We find that one of the most beneficial ways to feel confident walking into the weight room is to go in with a plan. Have a workout already laid out on your phone so that you always know what your next move is. The CHAARG Blog is a great place to start to find some fun + quick workouts!

#5] Remember That No One is Judging You

The most important tip we have for you is to remember that everyone has to start at the beginning. No matter how strong or fit someone may be, they remember the journey [the same one you’re on!] it took to get them to where they are. Everyone in that weight room knows that it takes hard work + determination to make progress. No one is judging you for picking up a three pound dumbbell or using the squat bar without any added weight. Be proud that you got yourself to the gym + focus on the little accomplishments you make along the way! : )

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