Cozy Up with These Fall Fiction Reads

October brings with it what we like to call, “Fall Fever.” The leaves are changing, there’s a crisp + cool freshness to the air + it’s prime time for cozying up with a new Netflix series + fuzzy blanket. BUT the next time you settle in for a relaxing night in, opt for one of these fiction novels instead of a TV show! We promise they’ll offer just as much romance, drama + action as the movie you had planned on streaming. If fiction just isn’t for you, substitute with a non-fiction self-love novel instead!

#1] Paper Hearts

In the second book of The Heartbreaker Chronicles, boyband heartthrob, Alec Williams meets the oh-so-charming girl-next-door, Felicity Jole. As expected, the two fall head-over-heels for each other. Add in a jealous best friend, an overbearing father + worldwide fame, Paper Hearts offers more drama than a cheesy Netflix rom-com. [Though it’s a sequel, this novel can be read as a stand-alone].

#2] Every Last Word

From the outside looking in, Samantha McAllister has it all: friends, popularity + a happy family. But, behind closed doors, Sam deals with Purely-Obsessional OCD + struggles to cope around her seemingly perfect best friends. When Sam meets Caroline, the quirky girl hiding in the shadow of Poet’s Corner, she finally feels like she has a friend she can be the truest version of herself around. Every Last Word offers a raw + vulnerable perspective on the struggles of fitting in ++ learning how to accept the parts of you that you want nothing more than to be kept hidden.

#3] All the Bright Places

Theodore Finch is strange [at least, that’s what everyone at school thinks]. Violet Markey is a beautiful tragedy [so says her friends who so desperately want her to go back to being the bubbly “it girl.” again]. When Finch + Violet are paired together for a class project, the two help each other learn that it’s okay to be different. Based off of the author’s own experiences, All the Bright Places follows these two young characters as they wander around Indiana, discover their passions + realize neither one fits into high school stereotypes.

#4] To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

You probably heard this title before if you spend most of weeknights binge watching everything on Netflix. But did you know it is based on the book by Jenny Han? Lara Jean Covey keeps love letters to all the boys she’s loved before in a hat box in her closet with no intention of mailing them. Until one day when she realizes someone has mailed her secret letters for her. Will these letters wreak havoc on her life or give her a love story like the ones she spends all of her time reading about? Enjoy reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before with your girl gang + have a viewing party for the film on Netflix. Want more of Lara Jeans love story? Check out P.S. I Still Love You + Always and Forever, Lara Jean.

#5] My Not So Perfect Life

Have you ever looked around + felt like everyone else is living the life you’re dreaming of? [Hello, Instagram!] That’s how Katie Brenner feels about her boss Demeter. To Katie, Demeter’s life is perfect – she has her dream job, a beautiful home, the coolest style – while Katie lives in a dingy rental with strange flatmates, using instagram to make her life look much more interesting than it actually to impress friends. When Demeter fires her, Katie returns home to re-discover herself + help her family create a resort on the family’s vast farmland. When Demeter shows up unexpectedly, Katie goes undercover + learns that Demeter’s life may be not so perfect after all. In this coming of age novel, Katie makes us question what makes a truly meaningful life + consider how the presentation of perfection may be far from the truth.

#6] Fitness Junkie

In this novel, Janey Sweet is given the ultimatum by her business partner to “lose thirty pounds or lose her job.” [I’m sorry — WHAT?!] Feeling defeated + sent on hiatus from their business, Janey throws herself head first into the current fitness revolution of wellness trends. From a cycle bar with instructors who insult you to a boot camp run by militants, Janey tries it all — that is until she meets wellness guru, Sara Strong, who’s top-secret workouts women flock to. As Janey delves deeper into the world of health + wellness trends she can’t help but wonder if all these trends are too good to be true + did she really need to lose weight in the first place? This novel offers a dramatized look at the number of seemingly endless [++ sometimes scammy] wellness trends + how unhealthy our weight-obsessed culture really is.

#7] The Nightingale

This novel is all about the women’s war during World War II — from how women played a role in the front lines to the hardships women faced back at home while their partners were away at war. It’s the story of two sisters from France + their stories throughout the war. You will be inspired by the unbelievable strength of both women + this book will have you on the edge of your seat. Bonus… it is a soon-to-be motion picture!

We can’t wait to curl up with these reads + our favorite tea. What books are on your fall reading list? Let us know in the comments below or by tagging @CHAARG + #CHAARGBookClub with a picture of your stack. Happy reading! : )

— Grace Dearing + Allison Tapocsi

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