How To Live An Extraordinary Summer [+ Life ; )]

Side note — this photo is so staged, but come on, sippin’ on a pina colada in a donut float = extraordinary summer.

Tony Robbins seems to be following me around lately.

Example #1] I recently bought Tools of Titans [10//10 recommend] ++ decided it would be fun to just flip to a random page ++ start reading whatever chapter I landed on. Mr. Tony was first my first read. ; ). Favorite takeaway = stressed is the achiever word for fear.

Example #2] “I Am Not Your Guru” popped up in my *Netflix Recommendations*. Of course, I wasn’t surprised. ++ of course, I watched it. WOAH. No words… watch it yourself!

Example #3 ~aka when I became #HookedOnTony~] I was watching a Super Soul Session with Gabby Bernstein + you know how YouTube recommends content after the video is up? Well, up pops Tony — Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life. The video was almost TWO HOURS, but I hit *play* ++ I’m so glad I did.

There were so many amazing takeaways — but I really liked these two journal prompts he gave everyone:

#1] What would an extraordinary life [summer! ; )] look like to you now?
Now. Not 10 years from now. What would it take to get to the *next step* to make life even richer. I love this quote from Tony: “Most of us overestimate what we can do in one year, + underestimate what we can do in a decade.” So — What would you change? What would you improve? What would you take time to enjoy more of? What would excite you? Be as specific as you can. For me it’s…

  • Lots of belly laughs
  • Love without fear
  • Adventures [especially outdoors!] with those I love
  • Deeper relationships [understand people’s needs + dreams]
  • Courage to speak, dance, feel
  • Embrace my childlike wonder + glow
  • Nourish my body — physically + mentally, help others nourish theirs
  • Stronger connection to God + the universe
  • Energy//enthusiasm every day
  • Be present in this moment [bring my all to CHAARG, to myself, to those around me]

#2] What’s prevented you from making this real already?
Be as honest as you can. What limiting belief do you have? What emotional pattern? What thoughts have you let dominate you?

For me, I know that I tend to judge + victimize myself way too much. I feel judgment + shame + envy + loneliness + unworthiness when I looked through instagram//Facebook [hence why I’ve been on a bit of a phone detox] — these thought patterns can make me either hide from social scenes, or clog my calendar with plans [even ones that I’m meh about] — in reality, I’m just craving connection + the feeling of being loved//worthy by others.

I have other fears on talking, dancing, taking photos, not enough time//resources, asking questions, laughing [people literally have asked me why I laugh so much… why can’t a girl just be happy + laugh for no reason?] — it all comes down to… I must not be afraid to be myself.

An extraordinary life is life on your own terms. It’s hard to create the life you want if you can’t define it, ++ even harder, if you can’t understand what’s preventing you from living an extraordinary life.

So much more to say on this, but really — you should just watch it for yourself[there’s an amazing meditation at the end]. ++ let me know what you think!

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