From the CHAARG Community: FitPlan Advice!

We asked four rock star CHAARG Exec Team Members about their CHAARG FitPlan experiences + what advice they would give to the CHAARG community. From how to complete the FitPlan with a busy schedule to how to connect with the National Community during the FitPlan — these girls are covering it all!

Meet the Exec Team Members

Liv Rautzhan — Penn State CHAARG Secretary

  • Fav Way To Sweat: I love lifting, F45 + yoga
  • Number Of FitPlans Completed: 6
  • Find her on insta: livpsu_inchaarg

Emily Goldschmidt — West Chester University CHAARG VP Membership

  • Fav Way To Sweat: Hot Yoga
  • Number Of FitPlans Completed: 1, but I can’t wait for the Fall FitPlan
  • Find her on insta: Emily.inchaarg_

Hannah Morris — Ohio University CHAARG VP Media

  • Fav Way To Sweat: Lifting
  • Number Of FitPlans Completed: 2
  • Find her on insta: @hannahmorris_inchaarg

Grace Pettit — Rutgers University CHAARG Ambassador

  • Fav Way To Sweat: Running or circuits
  • Number Of FitPlans Completed: 1
  • Find her on insta: @gpettit_inchaarg

How were you able to balance completing FitPlan workouts with a busy schedule during the Summer?

Liv: I planned my workouts into my schedule, but if I didn’t get to complete a workout, I didn’t worry about it!

Emily: Having a workout buddy was a HUGE plus + really helped to keep me accountable for finishing the workouts! It was also great that all of the workouts could be done anywhere + without any gym equipment, so I could complete them even at home. With a busy schedule, sometimes I would complete one of the mini sweat seshes + then make up the daily workout another day!

Hannah: This summer I took advantage of my busy schedule. I would make myself either get up early + complete the sweat sesh before work or I did it right when I got home. I purposely wouldn’t let myself take a break + relax after work because I knew it would be easier for me to want to skip that day’s workout. I was more motivated to do it if I started right when I got home + then relaxed after.

Grace: I would wake up early to complete my workouts! I knew if I didn’t get them done before work I probably wouldn’t get them done after! I really just made it a priority, because I knew no matter how tired I was I would never regret working out.

What is your number 1 tip for creating a workout routine?

Liv: Listen to your body + start slow! If you feel like you need a rest day, take it! Find girls who want to workout with you + lean on them!

Emily: Preplan your days + write in your schedule a time to workout so you aren’t struggling to fit it in or make excuses. It’s so easy to push a workout aside because you have other things to do, but I found that putting my workout into my schedule made me feel so much better + I still got other things done.

Hannah: Find what days + times fit best with your schedule + stick to it! Planning ahead + putting it into your planner will help keep you accountable! I find that going the same time + day every week helps me to create a better workout routine.

Grace: Be consistent! Also, don’t get down on yourself if you miss a day because hey at least you started!

How did you engage with the National CHAARG Community throughout the FitPlan? What advice would you give to someone looking to get more involved in CHAARG?

Liv: I used my inCHAARG Instagram with the FitPlan + #PENNSTATECHAARG hashtag! I also liked + commented on other girls’ posts! If you are looking to get more involved in CHAARG — go to as many Studio Spotlights + Small Groups as possible. Dive in + really immerse yourself in CHAARG!

Emily: I was able to engage with the National CHAARG Community because during the FitPlan, there was a GroupMe for Exec members completing it, as well as a Facebook page for everyone. I felt so much more involved because each day, we would motivate each other to complete the workouts + we could talk about what we thought about them! I definitely recommend putting yourself out there because all of the CHAARG girls are so kind + inspiring. We all are here to help each other find your fit, so if you are looking to get more involved with CHAARG, FitPlans are the perfect spot to start.

Hannah: I engaged with the National CHAARG Community during the FitPlan by being very active on Instagram. I would scroll through the hashtag daily + always tried to comment ++ like other girls posts. I also really enjoyed completing the BootyCamp Bucket List! I had so much fun putting in some extra effort for the items on the list I completed. For example I did a complete DIY Spa Night story take over on my #inCHAARG Insta. To anyone wanting to get more involved in CHAARG I would tell them to be as active as you can through social media + at your schools Chapter. You can do this by posting on your Instagram + engaging with others by scrolling through your hashtag or the #inCHAARG hashtag. Also reaching out in your Chapter’s private Facebook page asking to workout//get coffee with other people will help you meet more girls + strengthen the community of CHAARGies at your University : )

Grace: I used my in CHAARG Instagram all the time during the FitPlan! It was so amazing to go through the BootyCamp Bucket List + connect with other girls through social media doing the same! It definitely gave me more motivation to get the workouts done as well as held me accountable! If someone wanted to get more involved with CHAARG I would say create an in CHAARG Insta + really use it! Don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions on other girls post or even message them. CHAARG girls are amazing + want to connect too!

What advice would you give to someone completing their first FitPlan?

Liv: Listen to your body + lean on the girls that you workout with! Post on your Chapter FaceBook group + in GroupMes ++ ask if girls want to workout with you [someone is always down to go]!

Emily: My advice would be to go in with an open mind! During the FitPlan, get out of your comfort zone to try new workouts given + you will meet new girls doing the same. Always remember everyone is at different levels in their fit journey!

Hannah: Advice I would give to girls completing their first FitPlan is don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout. It happens — life gets busy. I did this a lot while doing my first FitPlan, #CHAARG35. Going into BootyCamp I told myself it’s okay if you miss a workout, there’s plenty of days that it can be made up. Switching my focus made BootyCamp a lot more enjoyable + I now know for other FitPlans in the future!

Grace: Have fun doing it, but also take advantage of everything the FitPlan has to offer! There is so much that comes with the FitPlan that is easy to forget about besides the workouts! I would also say It can be hard to find time so try to dedicate the same time everyday to complete it + create a routine!

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