My Favorite Evening Routine [After Homework’s Done ; )]

My evening routine is my *favorite* part of every day, especially at school!

Sometimes it really is the smallest things that make a difference in your day, + for me, I know this is the case! On school nights, having an evening routine keeps me in check + allows for me to get a good night’s rest. Nothing beats lighting a candle, taking a shower, + hopping into bed knowing that I have been productive, + am ready for what tomorrow brings.

Now, if we are being completely honest here, this routine does not happen every single night of the week. Sometimes I will have a late exam, go out with friends, or maybe I am traveling, but I make my best effort to make sure I fulfill the majority of this routine each night that I can! After dinner + homework are done, here is a look at what my typical evening routine looks like: 

Throughout the day, my room tends to get quite messy! Whether it be running around all day, or doing schoolwork, you can definitely tell that I have been a busy bee when you see different outfit changes on my bed, shoes on the floor, pens, papers + numerous other things all over my desk.

I like to get all of my homework done during the day, so I can have some time to myself when the night comes along! When exams are coming up, I will definitely stay up to study, but for the most part, I try to have all of my work done before 8:00 PM. When it is time to settle in for the night, the first thing I do is tidy up, so my room is like a fresh canvas for the next day : )

I am one of those people who simply cannot get into my bed without showering. At school especially, I like to light a candle on my desk before I hop in the shower so that I walk out to a sweet-smelling bedroom to settle into.

My current favorite candle: Southern Magnolia from Nourish Natural Bath Products! I literally bought 3 of these on my trip to Savannah, GA, last semester because I am obsessed!

I usually wash my face while I am in the shower [I get way too frustrated when my sleeves get wet while I wash my face in the sink… ], + immediately after I follow up with the rest of my skincare routine! On a normal night, I wash + tone my face, apply one serum, + then moisturize! Sometimes I like to spice it up + add a face mask, but sometimes I get lazy + only wash + moisturize, totally ok either way! Here are some of my favorite products right now:

  • Tatcha Face Wash 
  • Peach + Lily Glass Skin Kit [I use all of these products, minus the face wash! It includes a wash, toner, glass skin serum + moisturizer, ++ the mini sizes lasts me so long! Living on a budget, I just purchase this kit instead of each of the individual products!]

After I am all clean + ready to hop into bed, I double-check my planner + school website to be sure I am completely done with all of the day’s tasks! 

When I get into bed, I usually spend some time on my phone. I like to FaceTime my friends + family, + catch up on social media for a bit before I shut off my phone! I know SO many people encourage shutting off your phone earlier, but when you love + work with social media, I think this is a bit unrealistic! ++ who doesn’t want to have a few good laughs scrolling through TikTok before you shut your eyes?! : ) Once I feel caught up, + my work tasks are done, I set my alarm for the next morning + turn the phone off! 

This is what a typical night looks like for me! Sometimes I like to catch up on The Bachelor before bed, listen to my favorite podcast, or read a book, but quite honestly… most nights I am just too tired! Being a full-time college student who is heavily involved, working 2 internships + a job, ++ living 1,234 miles away from home is not easy, + being tired is ok! I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, I feel like this is attainable for a college student who has so much on her plate!

.     .     .

Self-Love Share: Now it’s your turn… what’s your evening routine? What’s your favorite part of your evening routine? What’s something that you want to add [or take away] from your current evening routine? Tag @CHAARG + #CHAARGSelfLoveClub

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