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Like any Fitionista, we know you love new additions to your athleisure wardrobe! As you’re shopping [or adding to your holiday wish list!] for new pieces, it’s important to keep in mind how the clothes were made + the ethical intentions behind them. Often sustainable brands make it well-known if they are following these practices.–f they don’t, be a little suspicious! Here’s what to look for in a brand —

#1] Organic

We all know that buying + eating organic food is good for us, but why don’t we think about our clothes? Organic clothing is made with organically grown materials. Many textiles are grown from the ground like cotton + can be treated with the same kind of pesticides as food . Next time you go shopping, check the tag to see if the textile is grown organically [if it’s not a man-made material].

#2] Eco-friendly

Clothing takes a lot of energy to produce with some materials requiring even more than others. Synthetic fabrics [think polyester, rayon, + nylon] require huge amounts of energy to produce +  are also made with toxic chemicals. The more natural the fabric is, the more eco-friendly it likely was. The factories that make clothing are often releasing lots of harmful chemicals + fumes into the environment, so choose a brand that stands by protecting the environment.

#3] Recycled

More + more brands are using recycled products to create their textiles. Brands like Athleta are using Recycled Poly [made with recycled plastic water bottles!] which is much more sustainable + good for the environment than traditional synthetic materials. Keep an eye out for brands that are using similar practices + support them.

#4] Thrifted

We know as college girls, we are usually on a budget + splurging on some new athleisure pieces just isn’t practical ++ sometimes ethical brands come at a steep price! But there are plenty of options to buy ethically + still get some great quality items. Thrifted clothing means it has been pre-loved + even if it’s not an ethical brand, purchasing the item is giving it a second chance at life in a new wardrobe, which may have ended up in a landfill otherwise! Apps like ThredUp + Poshmark are great places to start your search as well as your favorite local thrift store.

#5] Ethical Working Conditions

Ethical working conditions are comprised of two main things — fair wages + fair treatment. As CHAARG girls, we love to empower women, but the sad truth is that in many factories around the world, the women making our clothing are not empowered at all. Inexpensive clothing that seems too good to be true is often is so cheap because the workers making the fabrics are often paid unlivable wages. Being underpaid isn’t the only unfair treatment happening. Others include no breaks while working, working very long days + having an unsafe working environment. You can check out a website’s ethics page + do some research on your favorite brands to make sure they stand by ethical  guidelines ++ are empowering their workers!


Want to shop ethically but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite brands + why we love them!

Athleta // Athleta is a B Corp which means that it is a company that balances purpose + profit. According to the B Corp website, they are required by law “to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, + the environment.” P.S. — the B Corp website is a great place to check out which of your other favorite brands are doing the same! Athleta also has big goals to be 80% recycled materials, divert 80% of packaging waste from landfills + use water saving techniques for 25% of their products by 2020.

Patagonia // Patagonia has become one of the faces of sustainable athleisure.They are extremely transparent about their production practices + make their clothes to last [so you’ll get to save money + buy less!]. They aim to do the best they can for the environment + are always advocating + raising money for the environment whenever they can.

Outdoor Voices // Outdoor Voices makes sure that the quality of their clothes, worker’s safety, fair wages + minimizing environmental impact are always at the forefront of their business priorities.

Girlfriend Collective // Girlfriend Collective aims to be as transparent as possible + share their eco-friendly practices. They source the plastic for their Recycled Poly materials from plastic from Taiwan to help clean up the country, join in on their mission to be more sustainable ++ lend a hand in giving the plastic a new life. Their website is incredibly detailed about their practices, so you know exactly what went into making their clothes, meaning you can feel good about purchasing them.

Buying sustainably doesn’t have to be expensive! So many of your favorite brands are becoming more + more ethical in their practices ++ materials. Do you have any other ethical brands CHAARG girls should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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