Our Official Guide To All Things Essential Oils

There’s no doubt that essential oils smell incredible, but did you know that there are tons of benefits to the different oils? These little bottles can often seem like an investment, but consider them an investment in your mental + physical health [+ they last a very long time if you use them correctly!].

Whether you’re an avid essential oil user or you’re just interested in learning more about them, we’ll walk you through the different ways to utilize essential oils, the various benefits, + what we recommend for a “starter pack” of oils in this post. For more background on essential oils, check out this podcast episode featuring Charlyn Avery, an aromatherapist from Aura Cacia!


Glad you asked ; ). There are tons of brands out there with great oils available, however, not every oil is created equally + they vary in quality based on how they were produced [this post gives a great overview on essential oil basics!]. One of our favorite clean + trusted essential oil brands is Aura Cacia! Seriously — they are the Beyonce of essential oils. We love this four pack, + you can also find Aura Cacia at most health foods stores, like Whole Foods.


1] What Are They: Essential oils are typically evaporated oil from plants, flowers, + citrus fruits, making a highly concentrated substance.

2] Uses: Typical uses for essential oils include: aromatherapy, treating skin conditions, + soothing muscle soreness/inflammation

3] How To Use: The two most common ways to incorporate essential oils into your every day routine are 1] aromatherapy using a diffuser [find a small, dorm-friendly version here] + 2] directly on your skin, but make sure you read the note below before directly applying to your skin!

4] Important Note: If you’re applying directly to your skin, essential oils need a carrier oil [such as avocado or coconut oil] as they are very potent + can cause skin irritations or burns. If you’re using the oil in your diffuser, no additional oil is needed! Aura Cacia even sells roll-ons that you don’t need to worry about finding your own carrier oil!


1] Lavender: Chances are that this is one of the essential oils you may actually be familiar with! The scent of lavender is super calming, which makes sense because one of the uses is to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, + restlessness. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory effects! Grab it here!

2] Tea Tree: This one is perfect for those who are acne prone with it’s anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial effects. Use it topically as an addition to your skincare routine. Grab it here!

3] Peppermint: This oil is known for treating indigestion + nausea. It can be used topically or orally through tea! It can also have benefits for treating a common cold or headaches. Grab it here!

4] Eucalyptus: Along with treating a cold, eucalyptus is great for treating congestion! Our favorite cold remedy is adding this oil to our diffuser + starting a Netflix binge. Grab it here!

5] Bergamot: This oil is used as a mood booster + stress reducer! Something that we all need a little more of in life. Grab it here!

6] Cardamom: Long day of studying ahead of you? This oil has your back. It provides benefits to your mental clarity, improves concentration, + reduces drowsiness! Grab it here!

7] Frankincense: Not only does this oil smell incredible, it also improves asthma + gut function. Grab it here!

8] Orange: We also love the scent of this tangy oil + it’s known to act as an uplifting mood booster + can even provide allergy relief! It’s also a great disinfectant. Grab it here!


If you’re interested in grabbing your own essential oils to incorporate in your everyday wellness routine, we recommend starting with this relaxation kit of: chill pill, lavender, patchouli, + sweet orange. It’s also great to do your research ahead of time + choose the oils that you think you would benefit from the most. Once you grab a variety, you can even mix essential oils + use these “recipes” for other benefits!

One last thing! We felt the need to add our newest obsession: this lavender hydrosol from our friends at Aura Cacia! It’s essentially oil in a mist form + a DREAM to have in our office.

Do you have any essential oil favs we missed? Share with us on Instagram using #inCHAARG + tag @CHAARG! : )

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