Empty — A Poem On Oneness

Have you ever had one of those days//nights where you just uncontrollably cry — particularly one in which you don’t even know why you are crying so much… it just floods out? I’m not sure if I’m still dealing with releasing toxins from my Panchakarma, but I had one of those nights recently. ++ instead of trying to distract myself [read a book, text a friend, scroll through social media], I decided to sit with my feelings + a write a poem to try + put words to my feelings!


I believe there’s a field waiting for us. Where we all frolic + dance, with the sun on our backs + smiles on every face. A place where only love exists, a place where we are all one race.

But l can’t hide this emptiness I feel — when the questions arise, + I ask our God — “Why?”

Why are we here, in this human form? What is this world for? Is there more?Am I on the right path? I can barely see. Please open my eyes, + allow me to just breathe.

This human existence sometimes doesn’t make sense — the fear, the sorrow, the ugliness, the death. We put up barriers in our mind + in our heart. We put up barriers in the world, which is why it’s falling apart. The emptiness I feel is a cry for change in our souls. I know it, I’ve felt it — love will heal our holes.

Love for me, + love for you. Love for my brothers + sisters — the ones I know + the ones I don’t know, too. We are one in the same — made from the likeness of Source. Can you see it now? Unity is the life force.

We must let go of our *separateness* + instead, come together as one. The field we can create now — it should not be for a lifetime to come.

So I urge you to pause, + open your eyes. See things from a different perspective — love [oneness] is the ultimate prize. Together, we are whole, + abundant as can be. Our emptiness will be filled, there will be nothing that we need.

((This poem was inspired by the song One by Birdtalker. Listen to it when you have time to watch the youtube — it has such beautiful shots!))

February is ~the month of love~. How much do you love yourself? How much do you love others? How much do you love the Earth? How much do you love your career//major? How much do you love how you spend your time? How much do you love your environment? How much love do you put into each moment? [I could go on + on with these questions… : )]

For a long time, I thought love was a bond shared by two things [me + you, me + my dog, me + writing]. But then I realized how limiting that was — love is so much more than that. Love isn’t just a feeling rooted in something we enjoy//care about — love is an energy rooted in everything. Love is our purpose on earth.

Ultimately, love is oneness. ++ I believe the way to oneness is with an open mind + heart. It’s so, so hard sometimes to fully live this out — especially because we are all so attached to our own ideas, opinions, + perspectives. [Side note — everyone please read The Four Agreements].

I am the first one to admit that I hold onto some of my beliefs so tightly… that’s why my mantra for the past few months have been *open mind, open heart*. I believe that I’m in the process of shedding my skin + that’s why I feel this emptiness inside me sometimes… it’s a realization that I don’t feel as connected to the earth, people, myself as my potential. It’s a wakeup moment for change to occur.

All that being said — as always, it comes down to self-love. This month, we will be doing a self-love series on The CHAARG Podcast. So, what questions do you have on self-love?! We will do our best to answer them : ). Comment below or email me directly [elisabeth@chaarg.com]. Can’t wait to hear from you <3

Rooting for you + loving you always,


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